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Tears For August

Deanna Lorraine

Series: Tears For

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pyschological thriller, death and tragedy, teenage adult romance


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#22 in Romantic mystery
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Ongoing: 19 May 42 pages

Publication: 15.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "Tears For August "

Agnes Welsh's existence had been a torture for her ever since she was younger. She would often get blamed and ignored by everyone in her family, making her shut everyone out. Until her family had decided to moved at Fitzgerald where she met August Young. An attractive, clever, funny, and enthusiastic guy who was fucked up just as Agnes was. August had soon stole her heart and began pulling her into his world until to an unexpected end.
August had suddenly died without much of an explanation that causes Agnes continue her life, unsteadily. She started drinking larges amounts of alcohol beverages and so as her Bipolar Disorder gone worst. Until one day came and everything she knew about his world had changed. And so it made her question everything.

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