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Tempted To Be Yours

Aliza Jabri

Story about:betrayal, friendstolovers, lovetriangle

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Ongoing: 05 Apr 40 pages

Publication: 26.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Tempted To Be Yours"

"Tell me Simran, what do you want?" He asked, tilting my face to the left, his hand holding my chin.

"I...I.. want you", I said tracing my tongue over my lips.

His lips curled up, and I saw the dam he had built on his emotions burst, ready to drown me.

And did I want to get drowned?

Hell yes.


The last thing Simran Daniyal wanted was to run into either Jawaad or Ansh ever again in her life, but fate is never fair to anyone.

Torn between the two men in her life, who would Simran choose?

The arrogant and aggressive, Ansh Hamdani?

Or the cool and sexy, Jawaad Hussain?

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Elyxion exel 13.04.2021, 18:34:22

i didn't read any other story about childhood lovers apart from this. so eagerly waiting for the story.

Andleeb Hassan 13.04.2021, 18:25:12

The story is about childhood lovers, lets see whose gonna be together.

Kitti 13.04.2021, 11:20:53

It's a love triangle and looking forward whom will simran choose

Eshal Khan 12.04.2021, 18:17:54

initial chapters are amazing and I'm looking forward to read it further

Chanderika Sharma 12.04.2021, 17:33:00

Comment has been deleted

livxria 12.04.2021, 17:16:11

love triangle. I just hope the best for Simran.

Autumn Dew 12.04.2021, 16:33:21

I don't even want her to choose. Have them both girl!!! Let's make it mfm I tell you. It's like choosing between roti and kurma. She have to have them both lol!!

Joe Fletcher 12.04.2021, 16:12:09

I really hope happiness for simran. let's see with whom she ends up with.

Dolly Desai 12.04.2021, 13:22:09

It's like choosing the one from best ones... let see which whom she will end because it's all about fate

Bushra Rahat 12.04.2021, 13:07:52

this story is amazing. please continue to write this book

Blackspadez 12.04.2021, 12:11:08

is it for real can anyone be like this simran has 2 charming followers and both are handsome hunk i wish I had one of them

Sreya Banerjee 12.04.2021, 11:46:38

Comment has been deleted

Janhavi Thul 12.04.2021, 11:20:38

best wishes for the book......

Yashasvi Patel 12.04.2021, 11:16:43

this book more interesting and exciting all chapter

bts armyy taetae 12.04.2021, 10:08:49

Waiting for the next update, can't waittt!!!

Mahamotha Khatun 12.04.2021, 09:16:13

I want to know with whom Simran will be paired ??? will she have happy ending or not ??

Aisha Siddiqua 10.04.2021, 18:47:36

Please update regularly ??

Pooja Singh 08.04.2021, 17:49:01

Nice story and waiting for next update

Bushra Rahat 05.04.2021, 19:55:11

I like the story! waiting for the next chapter!!

Hmmm 25.03.2021, 14:59:46

I hope she ends upbwith Jawaad

Mahaa 24.03.2021, 20:25:22

plz update, it's been a week now :'(

Aisha Siddiqua 24.03.2021, 06:35:24

When you are going to update next chapters

Mahamotha Khatun 19.03.2021, 15:21:47

why people only read story , don't like it year ??????Plz like the story , so that we can have a daily update

Mahaa 17.03.2021, 20:44:48

To all those readers out there, who read this book but haven't liked it yet, kindly do it. Plz do this favour to the author, to other readers and mainly to YOURSELVES!! Thankyou in advance!!!

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Mahaa 17.03.2021, 21:18:02

Aliza Jabri, ummm hmmmm okayyy. But still I keep rooted to my comment regardless of any book or author. If one reads a book religiously, it should be given a like or star.

Mahaa 17.03.2021, 20:23:21

And here I was thinking I only have 2 ongoing stories to read on booknet XD. Thankyou so much for continuing this story. I love you for this surprise dil se!!!!

Kishori Bhojane 17.03.2021, 19:08:11

nice as usual...ty author

Cheesy girl 17.03.2021, 19:07:44

I'm eagerly waiting for this book..

ashwini s 06.03.2021, 18:12:33

Dear Author..any plans on this?

Lady WORDSWORTH 05.03.2021, 19:24:52

Ok now... I may sound greedy, but can I ask for more of their chapters from that secret treasure of yours? I swear I have been praying daily for it!(puppy innocent eyes with an expectant smile on this reader's face)

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Lady WORDSWORTH 06.03.2021, 05:38:17

Aliza Jabri, Okay... as the author says! :))

Ofemetse Matlale 03.03.2021, 20:07:01

I love your books.. doing a great job continue updating

Aisha Siddiqua 03.03.2021, 10:08:54

waiting for next chapters

Andleeb Hassan 01.03.2021, 22:10:11

book is just wow,plz continue

Aisha Siddiqua 01.03.2021, 09:18:02

Love it ....awesome story as always ....

dsk 1605 (Kirti) 27.02.2021, 17:20:17

Wen will u start this story btw

Ruhab Ahmed 27.02.2021, 11:45:07

Very interesting book. I already think that she is going to choose Jawaad...

The last comment in the thread:

Shinybella 27.02.2021, 14:27:34

Ruhab Ahmed, I don't think so. I think she will choose Ansh

Shinybella 27.02.2021, 14:26:36

nice story :D ;)

Jasleen Kaur 27.02.2021, 10:23:43

Please do continue the story

SJoy Oebut 27.02.2021, 07:38:27

its a beautiful story..pls
do continue

Mahamotha Khatun 27.02.2021, 06:41:30

this book is gonna be interesting

Hmmm 26.02.2021, 16:55:25

I bet she will choose ansh,, but I have some soft corner for Jawaad..

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Hmmm 26.02.2021, 22:33:05

Mahaa, Exactly... Hope so this story is not stereotype one..

Mahaa 26.02.2021, 21:52:42

oh my my!! Never ever have I hooked up to a story within 4 chapters only. Please! do continue it by all means. Jawaad is such a darl. I'm team jawaad already ;) :*

ashwini s 26.02.2021, 21:03:43

This story is really amazing..pls continue dear author

Andleeb Hassan 26.02.2021, 20:33:47 more book..really exciting to read of luck Aliza

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 26.02.2021, 20:27:07

Finally i will get to read this one. U made me wait for long.. I hope other readers will love it as much as i do. Thankyou for planning to complete it...

Kishori Bhojane 26.02.2021, 20:10:30

OMG author Aliza how can u manage multiple books at a time?.. u r really god gifted..lovely as always... I love dis story.. thanks

Lady WORDSWORTH 26.02.2021, 17:29:59

To be honest, I am not a love-triangle lover... But this one seems to be worth a try :) btw, how do you manage 3 books all at the same time since I am damn sure that the 4th, 5th and 6th one are already started brewing in your mind ;)

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Aliza Jabri guru 26.02.2021, 19:51:35

Lady WORDSWORTH, Just pray, I find it in myself to continue this story. There are so many plots, I have in mind that sometimes I just want to go to the Himalayas and keep writing the whole day and night to get them out of my mind.

Mahaa 26.02.2021, 19:45:28

When I got the notification of a new book, I wished it to be huzaifa and wardah story. But it seems like I have to wait a lil more ( hope not so long) Anyways good luck for this newie. Added to library.

Arwa 26.02.2021, 19:29:29

This sounds like fire!!! can't wait to read it :) I know it will be amazing like always!!!!

Ansara Khan 26.02.2021, 19:09:48

u know what!!! please start selling ur stories to Indian channels. I mean shows on these stories would be so amazing!!!. Reading them already feels so good, I cant even imagine how would it feel to see them on screen. lots of love and support keep going!!!.

The last comment in the thread:

Bhaswati Devi 26.02.2021, 19:25:26

Ansara Khan, period!
I totally agree with you..these stories will gain so much viewers

Runa Lal 26.02.2021, 17:46:48

wow this is too interesting.

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