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Ten years apart


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lost love and deep fantasies


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Ten years apart and I still love the way he laughs.. His laughter is so contagious. The way his eyes dims when he laughs as if he is straining it to see me clearly it's the cutest sight.
If you can believe it it's been ten years and three months since I last saw him but who's is really counting? I mean I looked for him in people and places I thought he'd be but couldn't find him and just when I had stopped looking he's here. Only 3 feet away from him smiling like he always does.

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muthulakshmi G 29.05.2020, 12:16:07

I will like you story❤️

Navin Gupts 23.05.2020, 01:58:53

zahra tijjani 24.04.2020, 17:24:05

I'm sorry to say this, but the story is somehow scattered. maybe you should try and put quotations to everyone's speech next time. Nice story

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Finas 24.04.2020, 20:09:48

Zahra Tijjani. Thanks I'd work on that.

Finas 21.04.2020, 03:07:49

Posted a new chapter today. I promise you a good read.

oyedele ayooluwa 21.04.2020, 01:58:28

Nice story, I wonder where Mike and Adrian are going to, can't wait to read the next one you drop

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