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Book. "Terrorist (pjm Ff)" read online

Terrorist (pjm Ff)


Story about:bad and evil, love lies drama, force hate forgive regret

Age restriction: 18+

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#97 in Romantic suspense
#188 in Romantic erotica

Ongoing: 22 Nov 43 pages

Publication: 29.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Terrorist (pjm Ff)"

✓Park jimin
A drug dealer, terrorist and also a womanizer .
Marbella, the place where he lives and fully enjoys his life, no tension , no worries .
Have an arrogant personality ,with Buffy body.
Always enjoy women for his pleasure, they are nothing for him, more than a sex toy.
What will happen when he meet her When that girl, who can't even see is gonna change his life?But Is it true that he is gonna change, or he is gonna change her just like him, A devil.
✓Sofia lopez
A blind girl , from a middle class family and lives with her mother , alone is his territory.
But her mother never let her go out , because she already knew him, who use women as nothing and himself a devil.But that angel is gonna trapped with devil for forever and without her Knowing he changed her and she changed him.


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Andrea Castellon
08.12.2022, 03:22:18

Awwww I love these chapters yessss Sophia kissed Jimmi back ,and OMG I'm excited for Elina and Taehyung wedding , I hope Jimin propose to Sophia and she agrees , Thank you Author for both of the updates your amazing please continue I'm excited for more chapters

Andrea Castellon
22.11.2022, 06:56:58

I love your story, Thank you Author for updating I love it, I hope Jimmi and Sophia can be together in the end , Their beautiful couple and the other couple, ohhhh noo I hope Sophia mom can forgive him, and let them explain to her, thank you author again I'm excited for more chapters please continue

22.11.2022, 18:10:19

Andrea Castellon, ayye,thanks love :)

Alinaa Sharma
17.11.2022, 19:04:18

did you take the name os the males from bts??

18.11.2022, 14:48:48

Alinaa Sharma, thanks Love:)

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