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The 13 and The Maid

Aine Azure

Story about:a popular kpop group and their maid

Age restriction: 18+

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#194 in Fanfiction
#194 in Fanfiction

On Hold: 02 Nov 3 pages

Publication: 25.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "The 13 and The Maid "

Isla's dream is to be a make up artist for K-POP idols so when an agency she found online offered to take her to Korea to be a make up artist for the group Seventeen she was excited, finally her dream came true.But it turns out it was all a huge scam... Broke and homeless she wandered around Seoul to find a job until she met an old man who's gonna pave her way to her dream.

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Sanjay Sharma
02.11.2020, 09:11:45

More updates plzzz...

Sanjay Sharma
02.11.2020, 12:18:09

Aine Azure, Welcome ?❤️

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