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The Abomination

Obasi Naomi

Story about:prophecies, realms, magic

24 132

#123 in Romantic fantasy
#11 in Epic fantasy

Ongoing: 13 May 38 pages

Publication: 06.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Abomination"

A Supreme Lord with a dangerous thirst for power...

A woman with no success in love...

A man who is more than he seems...

Gwendolyn lived a very simple life. As a songwriter, she was comfortable in her monotonous and somewhat sad existence. But that took a huge turn when she encountered Tyron...

Tyron, the outcast prince of his realm, has been sent on a journey to find THE ABOMINATION; the one prophesied to cause the downfall of his supreme Lord. It was a task that might either get him his father's throne, or cause him to lose his head. But his encounter with the sad song writer pushes him to take steps he never thought of taking...

In order to protect the four realms from the greedy eyes of Tyron's father, these two have to go on a journey that will test their trust and budding love.


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