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The Accidental Wedding

Aliza Jabri

Story about:possesive billionaire, arranged marriage, enemies to lovers

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Ongoing: 01 Oct 213 pages

Publication: 20.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Accidental Wedding"

Rameen Shahab (Mia) is an aspiring architect. She is engaged to her childhood crush, Imaad Hassan. Her life is blissful until the day she meets the arrogant and sexy billionaire Waleed Kamal.

Their encounters are disastrous and they both hate each other's guts. They both try to outdo each other in making each other's lives hell.

What will happen when these to enemies get married accidentally due to a unfortunate event? Read to find out.

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Doritos and Mountain dew 01.10.2020, 20:48:59

There is no doubt Jeena and Riyaan are in on this together. Boils my blood! Jeena needs to go!

Anabel Igweoti 01.10.2020, 19:22:29

I hate jeena, I think she must have collected Waleed cologne and used it Riyaan to confuse Mia. I hate that bitch. Please update already anxiety will kill me.

Chitambi Sikombe 01.10.2020, 18:05:58

when's the next update,anxiety will kill me please by the way amazing book❤

Vaishnavi Pareek 01.10.2020, 17:36:20

this chapter is quite amazing

Joeys mama 01.10.2020, 17:17:05

Nice but there is always an evil bitch who is jealous this Jeanna woman needs to be removed quickly I suspect that she is the one who killed Red
Continue soon

Deepa Kala 01.10.2020, 16:18:33

I hate u

Cia Juliett 01.10.2020, 16:15:39

Oh no??i feel like crying

Resmi Mukherjee 01.10.2020, 15:20:40

I just want to kill Riyaan and Jeena. Poor hurts when your childhood friend betrays u.

Mercy Nnamani 01.10.2020, 15:00:52

ramen's lover

Visitacion Aniceto Pascual 01.10.2020, 14:58:20

Love this

japnamika Singh 01.10.2020, 13:50:39

so they both got succeeded
god I hate riyaan and jeena
I think riyaan must have applied waleed's cologne

Florecita Tecson Villare 01.10.2020, 10:36:18

exciting interesting story

Maributch Esparagoza 30.09.2020, 12:14:22

jeena is A

Maributch Esparagoza 30.09.2020, 12:09:39

jeena is A snake. she's planning to ruin mia and waleed because he wants him. I think she's the One who killed Red. she's crazy i hate her. Jeena is A

Rafiyatou Ouro Agrignan 30.09.2020, 12:02:01

that jeena IS a whitch

Orji Christisna 30.09.2020, 11:46:32

Jeena is jealous of mia cos every body likes her and she is interested in waheed I wish they notice her on time so that they will place her where she belongs

ZARA 30.09.2020, 09:49:21

Jeena is really getting on my nerves.

Kamna Kundi 30.09.2020, 07:04:55

When can we expect newer chapters/updates?

Priyanka Budime 30.09.2020, 06:57:53

Wow! What a update waiting for more...

Bilkis Begum 30.09.2020, 04:45:47

I should slap Jeena and Ryaan! I really hate characters like them

Grace Corpuz 30.09.2020, 04:25:56

Expected a more mature reaction from Wal on Jeena's malicious comment regarding the relationship of Mia & R.

Samantha Nugent 30.09.2020, 02:58:38

I hope that jeena doesn't cause any harm to Mia and waleed's relationship.

Inaaya Farhat 30.09.2020, 00:32:33

More the chapters the more I realize that this cunning girl jeena is hellbent in breaking apart Waleed and mia. Totally hate her

Nina Ali 29.09.2020, 23:51:17

i hate Riyaan but more hate on Jeena

japnamika Singh 29.09.2020, 19:36:04

riyaan and jeena must have planned for all this together I wish in the next chapter mia goes to Waleed and have s conversation with him

Resmi Mukherjee 29.09.2020, 19:14:27

Riyaan and jeena paired up against Mia and Waleed. What a cheating couple.

Tajim Molla 29.09.2020, 17:45:09

Thank-you sar

Jenny Gold 29.09.2020, 15:48:30

Your novel; The Accidental Wedding is a very interesting work... Nice one there, the suspense and tension as well as heated moments re beautiful. I can't wait for your next chapter... Rooting for u gal.❤

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 29.09.2020, 16:45:23

Jenny Gold, Thank you so much.

Izzy 29.09.2020, 15:40:48

I just started reading this and it's absolutely incredible. It captured my attention right from the beginning, and so far it's been an amazing read. Definitely one of my favorite books on this site ❤️

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 29.09.2020, 15:45:54

Izzy, Thank you so much for reading my book.

Cia Juliett 29.09.2020, 13:45:24

Deserves all the stars in the universe...i love the suspense i love the drama..i think i want a Waleed in my life????❤❤so much love from Kenya??????

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 29.09.2020, 15:44:30

Cia Juliett, Thank you so much. I am really grateful to you.

Maristel Espiritu 29.09.2020, 04:22:27

Update please

Adithi Chate 28.09.2020, 15:54:00

please send the next chapter

Ashes 28.09.2020, 10:21:03

hey!! I love the concept of your story and am waiting for the next update. Also, I just published my own book "power within me". Plz drop by if you ever have the time!!

uthan 28.09.2020, 05:34:37

when the next chapters will be updated

Thess Luciano 28.09.2020, 00:09:05

Excitement story

Shruti Gupta Agarwal 27.09.2020, 18:13:42

I think the guy here dating jeena must be Riyaan, Mia's Friend... Is it?

Florecita Tecson Villare 27.09.2020, 17:36:30

nice story

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 27.09.2020, 17:45:12

Florecita Tecson Villare, Thank you

Lourdes Trinidad 27.09.2020, 17:30:49

loved it

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 27.09.2020, 17:44:46

Lourdes Trinidad, Thank you

Sheila Kiama 27.09.2020, 16:17:40

Hi i loooove it although you are copying christian and anas love reaction from 50 shades by jk rowling.However i love it please bbe more original love you fan

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 27.09.2020, 16:33:33

Sheila Kiama, Well, I think you have mixed up something. There is no similarity between the plot of Fifty Shades and this book. And secondly, J.K. Rowling is the author of Harry Potter, not Fifty Shades.

I think you need a little research the author of Fifty Shades is E.L.James. Please go read the Fifty Shades Triology and understand it's plot. Then if you find something I copies from that book, please come here and comment.

Analiza Pakiwon 27.09.2020, 15:55:43

How can I read the whole story

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 27.09.2020, 16:01:50

Analiza Pakiwon, You will have to wait for the updates.

Anabel Igweoti 26.09.2020, 13:08:05

The guy that Mia ran into, her old childhood friend, the guy that Waleed hated so much and never made effort to hid the fact that he hated him

Ma Loida Buhay Gamboa 26.09.2020, 12:31:18


bharat jio 26.09.2020, 08:06:00

hey dear..
I just love this book
I reread it many times
keep writing
all the best

Stormborn Desewa 26.09.2020, 05:41:01

I must confess,this book and Venom are the best right now for me.

The last comment in the thread:

Aliza Jabri 26.09.2020, 05:45:24

Stormborn Desewa, Thank you so much.

Anna Bella Diana 26.09.2020, 00:17:26

nice update author

Inaaya Farhat 26.09.2020, 00:10:31

I love this book completely ??
I hope the writer keeps updating exciting chapters as I cant stay away from this book. Keep updating chapters soon!

naveednadine twins 25.09.2020, 23:26:46

hahaha Waleed is feeling Saad's girl this is going to be interesting

Priyanka Budime 25.09.2020, 20:42:10

So jeeva is dating the would-be of mia... I think so ... So exiting and amazing story.. I love the charater of Waleed ... The way of your writng is amazing....

Sonia Chang 25.09.2020, 19:24:22

I can’t wait to continue reading this story...

Sonia Chang 25.09.2020, 19:22:37

Hi, it won’t move forward again... am so excited to read the store I mean continue reading the story...p

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