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The Alpha's Dragon Mate


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Description of book "The Alpha's Dragon Mate"

Naomi grew up all her life with a hidden identity. She survived sixteen years as a handmaiden after the death of her Dragon Queen mother. Bound by spells to protect her from her enemies, living an ordinary life, she was the last one of her kind. Fate had a different plan for her. She falls head over heels for Jayce Hansen, an unexpected mate. In pursuit of her love interest, she loses her wits and puts her life in danger, only to unleash her powers and stumble upon her mate's secrets.

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Jessica Arrington 23.02.2021, 23:19:00

I hope you continue this story too!!!

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shilps 24.02.2021, 04:49:45

Jessica Arrington, I sure will. I am trying to finish a time travel romance first to avoid mixing character traits etc. I don’t have that problem with the courtesan because it is a spin off but having difficulty focusing on this while writing the other one.

Phoenix girl 11.02.2021, 15:08:05

hey please, know..just try out once , we all are eager to know what happened next , so please.....

Phoenix girl 08.02.2021, 13:09:12

why aren't you writing anymore

The last comment in the thread:

shilps 09.02.2021, 06:40:43

Phoenix girl, I am still working on it and not satisfied with how the chapters look.

Phoenix girl 01.02.2021, 04:23:29

when are you going to update

The last comment in the thread:

shilps 01.02.2021, 06:04:48

Phoenix girl, Hi, updates for this will resume from Wednesday.

Phoenix girl 22.01.2021, 20:21:22

good story update again soon

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shilps 22.01.2021, 21:49:42

Phoenix girl, Thank you. Check tomorrow :)

R Soha 16.01.2021, 10:02:38


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shilps 16.01.2021, 14:27:56

R Soha, Lol, all I can see is question marks but thank you :P

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