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The Alpha's Woman

Anfitrite Reynolds

Story about:werewolf, human, alpha

14 256

#20 in Supernaturals
#47 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 24 May 19 pages

Publication: 24.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Alpha's Woman"

Leonidas Andersen Lawson: he is the alpha of the red moon pack and is looking for her soul mate, but he still hasn't found her. Nothing more than he knew perfectly well that very soon he was going to find her and the only thing he needed was to be patient, because only with her would he be able to be happy forever.

Persephone Hamilton Sullivan: She is a young woman who is not physically graceful and above all she is human. She dreams of having a love forever, but she knew that this was impossible, so she settled for reading love novels, since that was the only chance she had of meeting him.

They meet in an unexpected way and they just had to accept their fate. Only that he is surprised to meet her and he knew perfectly well that her appearance was not an impediment to love her.


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