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Publication: 18.08.2021 — 17.09.2021

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Description of book "The American "

This is a story about two people who knew how to express the word hate more than anything else to one another. Ethan hates Adina more than anything in the world and would give anything to see her perish into thin air. While on the other hand Adina could careless about Ethan other than the fact that she won't let him walk all over her with his arrogant character. What happens when a big incident changes all that. How do these two different people deal with a feeling that is supposed to be forbidden to feel for the each other.

Read to find out how the person you hate the most is the one person you can love the most.


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Jayashri Mane
22.09.2021, 06:53:05

aww I just completed reading ur this book. it's so beautiful waiting for epiloge

Amal A Usman
23.09.2021, 04:41:04

Thank you so much. I am happy you enjoyed it ?❤️

Amal A Usman
13.09.2021, 14:58:49

Thank you, I hope it you like enough to follow me

Dezrene Gardner
24.08.2021, 20:30:56

what is about that boy's behavior? he is weird

Amal A Usman
01.09.2021, 17:09:44

Very weird ?

Vanshika Rubab
20.08.2021, 12:06:04

This guy is a racist, hate him already!
Will you update soon author?

23.08.2021, 23:33:16

Comment has been deleted

Dezrene Gardner
23.08.2021, 14:45:58

I really hate this guy he is an asshole I hate the idea of her trying yo be nice to him and he doesn't even appreciate it and worst of all her calls her beast

23.08.2021, 23:33:09

Comment has been deleted

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