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Description of book "The Ancestral Witch"

The universe is no longer what it used to be and the world has become a total mess.
The death of Gadelia, the ancestral wolfwitch assigned by the Heavenly Principalities to maintain the balance between the witches and wolfs has wrecked upon the two supernatural world, choas and war.
The soul of Gadelia was prevented from passing through the third gate of Heaven by the Second Triad after she was murdered out of greed and jealousy by Madera, her blood sister. Sometimes the ones we least expect something from are the ones that does the most shocking things.
For millenniums, the soul of Gadelia wondered the surface of earth, in search of a perfect and pure body to inhabit and all but one was found after decades of searching.
Young and naive, Amaris Croston discovered a world that was...

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tracy siazweni
09.06.2021, 09:52:17

Am just from reading the few chapters of this book and I must say it’s captivating ????????????❤️❤️

11.06.2021, 00:11:31

tracy siazweni, Dear reader, I suggest you read all over again as the story outline, synopsis and title has been changed.