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Achilles is the prince of the Magniferous kingdom. One night he finds a box which contained something very powerful, something strange... It was an Aura, an energy.
The villain of the book tries to conquer the world with the help of the Auras. With the help of his brother Barak, his friend Maceo and a strange girl, Achilles tries to save the world from the villain not knowing that there is a big secret about the Auras hidden in the ancient Greek mythology. The villain has a huge monstrous army and in it there are many ferocious demons. Will Achilles and his friends be successful in saving the world or will there will be the dawn of the evil? Read the book to know all of it.

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Grace 06.08.2019, 10:45:04

I'm hooked

Roza Csergo 23.06.2019, 18:48:25

I'm interested to see how this story unfolds.

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ThatIndianWriter 23.06.2019, 20:39:13


Andrew Nobriga 23.06.2019, 17:42:43

keep it up

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ThatIndianWriter 23.06.2019, 18:40:42


Mark Pearson 21.06.2019, 16:16:54

very poor structure, you need to work on it

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Mark Pearson 22.06.2019, 13:36:09

ThatIndianWriter, you need to put more descriptions instead of so many dialogues

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