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The Bad Boy & The Mermaid

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash)

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firstlove, possessive, humor


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Publication: 21.06.2020 — 05.08.2020

Description of book "The Bad Boy & The Mermaid "

Hunter Brantley is a college student and always causing trouble at school. Golden Brown hair, metallic silver eyes and arms covered in tattoos. He's everything that a cliche bad boy story needs.
Being expelled through school over a dozen times is not something new for Hunter. Dumping girls has become a new hobby. And then one day he's just driving by the beach late at night because he's too damn tired of his messed up life.
That's where Hunter finds her.
A beautiful, mysterious girl with aqua blue hair. She's half naked, lying on the beach sand and at the mercy of a stranger.
Only she's not any normal girl. Blue is a shapeshifting Mermaid.

A Romantic Comedy of a Bad boy teaching the Mermaid how to live like a human.

All Rights Reserved 2018 - 2020 © KittyKash92

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Lourd Far 29.06.2020, 03:54:44

ilove the story a lot

Soma Mukherjee 28.06.2020, 15:37:05

I can't scrolll down! I want to finish the whole

goodness alfred 28.06.2020, 13:44:06

wawuuu,I can not wait to read the remaining chapters

Varsha Santhosh 28.06.2020, 11:14:52

i really cant wait to read the next chapter please update the story

Saniya Singh 27.06.2020, 17:19:02

I'm definitely in love with this. It's amazing ❤️ can't wait to read further

Sandhya Bandaru 27.06.2020, 16:29:46

super story pls update

Nana Adwoa Achiaa 27.06.2020, 13:36:46

i love itttt

Varsha Santhosh 27.06.2020, 12:17:21

this is a superb story ... i really loved it

Beata Gos 27.06.2020, 10:35:45

Thank you for this nice story

Beryl Chemtai 27.06.2020, 09:16:18

I'm really loving this story. More please!!!

Diamond Freshhy 26.06.2020, 17:41:50

Comment has been deleted

Nana Adwoa Achiaa 26.06.2020, 17:38:23

why has mine ended at chapter 7?

Beata Gos 26.06.2020, 12:50:53

Just love this story, thank you

Beata Gos 26.06.2020, 12:34:30

Growing more fun with this story

Beata Gos 26.06.2020, 11:00:55

Enjoying the unusual story so much

Beata Gos 26.06.2020, 10:27:55

Wonderful for a starting point , thank you

Lourd Far 26.06.2020, 07:10:13


Spartalooz 26.06.2020, 01:44:54

Hello your work is lovely reading from Africa booknet

Fasiha Qureshi 25.06.2020, 12:56:37

hii i love your work it's so funny i neede it

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Fasiha Qureshi 25.06.2020, 22:45:24

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash), ur most welcome

Niniola 25.06.2020, 22:14:22

blue is so funny I am enjoying this story already

Yolo Wassup 24.06.2020, 14:13:03

I think this is a great concept. I'm looking forward for more interesting chapters.Thank you author ❤️

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 24.06.2020, 23:37:35

Yolo Wassup, glad you liked it :)

Diva Verma 24.06.2020, 17:50:58

It's so cute and sweet story

Anthonette Muschette 24.06.2020, 16:41:26

am loving this book so much

Annie 23.06.2020, 17:09:58

This story is different and amazing in its own way....I just couldn't stop myself reading more

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 23.06.2020, 20:50:58

Annie, glad you like it :)

MoTayo 23.06.2020, 08:36:43

I love the book already ??

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 23.06.2020, 15:25:27

MoTayo, thanks :)

Sweetty Lyngdohmawlong 23.06.2020, 14:30:35

Love the story..

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 23.06.2020, 15:25:19

Sweetty Lyngdohmawlong, thank you :)

Sweetty Lyngdohmawlong 23.06.2020, 14:30:22

Some more update plzz,,,

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