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The Battered Crown


Story about:viaan, nairiti, vidyut

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Description of book "The Battered Crown"

No kingdom exists without its own troubles. But who was responsible for the crime of an assassination. The crime of killing the Queen. When the youngest Prince, Viaan is accused of killing his mother, all chaos breaks loose. Who would kill the Queen and for what reason? Why was Viaan accused and how will he be able to prove his innocence? And what is causing all the troubles in his kingdom? Will he be able to defeat his unknown enemies and emerge victorious?


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Roza Csergo
14.04.2020, 11:59:04

I'm looking forward to see where this story is heading. Also, I like the cover a lot.
Added it to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back? Thanks.

15.04.2020, 07:59:16

Sure and thank you! I appreciate your comment. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on further chapters :)

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