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The Billion Dollar Question

Bernadette Hall

Story about:love and confusion, billionaire finding love, tension

Age restriction: 18+

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#2537 in Billionaires
#1041 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 16 Sep 15 pages

Publication: 14.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Billion Dollar Question"

This book is about a billionaire finding love in the strangest of places. Along this journey there are numerous occasions where they ask themselves if it's just a coincidence or not. The tension between the love interests is electrifying and captivating. Through many bumps in the road, love wins above all. Life is all about choices and where they lead you. So choose wisely.

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Alex admin
14.09.2020, 10:47:49

Hi! The story should be about Billionaire Romance, so the main character should be a billionaire from the very beginning of the story. That is why your story has been rejected to the contest.

Bernadette Hall
14.09.2020, 14:53:56

Alex, Thank you for the feedback! I'll adjust it accordingly.

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