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The Billionaire and the Mystery Woman


Story about:runaway heroine in hiding, romantic thriller, cold hearted billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

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#2443 in Billionaires
#877 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 22 Sep 32 pages

Publication: 20.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Billionaire and the Mystery Woman"

My life is full of secrets. Once, I had a charmed life but then an accident changed everything. Now after years of looking over my shoulder, I thought I had found my happy ending but even this happiness was fleeting. I am on the run with bad people behind me and fate leads me to Krit Kapoor, the most eligible Billionaire bachelor in the country.
I am heartless, cold and a manipulator. Everyone says so and I completely agree. My heart has been broken too many times and my trust shattered so thoroughly that no one, not even the beautiful and naive woman with fear in her eyes and bruises on her body can heal me.
So why do I feel this pull towards her?
We both have secrets. What will happen when our secrets are revealed?
Will we get our happy ending or get burned to cinders?


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