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The Billionaire's Captive Wife

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01)

Story about:abusive relationship, a billionaire, a young woman

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Ongoing: 17 Oct 262 pages

Publication: 12.02.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Billionaire's Captive Wife"

He made a vow -

"I vow not to fall in love with my wife for as long as we shall live together."

❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

Daniel Amir Harris - a muslim but only by name, cold hearted and powerful billionaire turns abusive when he met Layla, a beautiful young woman at a night club and purchased her as his wife and continues to torture her.

When she thought Daniel would actually save her from being abused and brutalised by her stepfather - she thought wrong.

Daniel and Layla's marriage was never out of love.

And little does she realize the path her life will take...

• Remember, the Muslim characters in this story are not perfect. They are just fictional characters that I've created and have nothing to do with the real life of a Muslim.

Love, Scarlet! ♡

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Cherry- Ann Henry- Jackson 27.10.2020, 03:50:52

take me out of my misery. I'm tired of coming here and reading the last scene over and over again

Charlize Moodley 26.10.2020, 15:30:04

pls update

Pamela Dias 26.10.2020, 09:56:39

When are you releasing the other chapters. Plz don’t tell me I have to pay??? Which I cannot. You get wrapped n excited with the book, wondering what will happen next. Will she surrender herself or not ....Thanks n God Bless

Antonina J Gonzales 25.10.2020, 16:24:30

i cant think of the reasons why Daniel couldnt be honest by telling Layla about Grant and his ex and why would he allow his ex to enter his hotel room....and in the first place why he booked separate hotel rooms for the both of them. Update please dear author!

Grace ann Camo 25.10.2020, 14:44:51

Continue please ??

Ritu Sandhu 25.10.2020, 06:10:07

Update plzzz

Lean Mica Belarmino 25.10.2020, 05:06:22

Dear author please write the next part...

Kritika Kumari 25.10.2020, 04:20:02

please update.....

lomcebo mbatha 25.10.2020, 02:35:22

Why can't he tell.her the truth about Grant

lomcebo mbatha 25.10.2020, 02:22:01

This man is pathetic, how can he allow his ex in his room if he nolonger wants her?

lomcebo mbatha 24.10.2020, 20:06:23

David was suppose to show that devil that Rose is his wife when she find them together in his office

Vishalakshi Raju 24.10.2020, 17:55:30

update please...

lomcebo mbatha 24.10.2020, 14:03:47


lomcebo mbatha 24.10.2020, 09:05:24

This is so painful. Why can't she run away

Isabel Calix Nuñez 24.10.2020, 04:36:14

Muy bonita historia espero que pronto escriban mas y saber el final

Isabel Calix Nuñez 24.10.2020, 04:36:12

Muy bonita historia espero que pronto escriban mas y saber el final

lomcebo mbatha 23.10.2020, 19:40:49

hopefully Daniel will change and stop the abuse

Anushka Ranjan 23.10.2020, 14:42:33

please update soon

lomcebo mbatha 23.10.2020, 13:03:41

Ziya Kausar 23.10.2020, 13:03:25

Please update fast

Janice Garan-Aycocho 23.10.2020, 09:08:10

Pls continue the story

Jheck Domingo 23.10.2020, 03:52:42

Can't wait for the next chapter ? hope that it goes well to both Daniel and Layla ??

Aminat Falohun 22.10.2020, 21:41:46

Comment has been deleted

Ziya Kausar 22.10.2020, 19:56:17

Update please

Parvinder Ghataurey 22.10.2020, 17:30:37

Plzzz update

Janice Garan-Aycocho 22.10.2020, 17:00:34

I love the story it really feels the instense feeling to be loved. Such a good writter. Update soon...

Evette Villamor 22.10.2020, 10:51:52

Very nice story, no ending yet, right? Hope we can completely finished the story.
I like Lyla to be strong and fighter woman

Seiya Tamashaki 22.10.2020, 08:03:15

ms author why are you playing with my feelings?! joke I love this update, thank you really... stay safe

Cecilia Tibo 22.10.2020, 06:29:06

I love this story! I'm eagerly waiting for the succeeding chapters as soon as possible.

Oloruntoba mary 21.10.2020, 20:05:20

pls author we are waiting for more

Oloruntoba mary 21.10.2020, 20:04:34

Nice story

Seiya Tamashaki 21.10.2020, 14:50:34

AHHHHHH THERE WAS AN UPDATE I DIDN'T GET ANY NOTIFICATION! Well, thanks ms author for the update! love you always!

Pritu 17.10.2020, 17:19:28

I come here every day to check update , why you didn't reply on my comments , I commented on falling for Muslim girls book plz check my comments , plz update soon plz

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Pritu 21.10.2020, 07:39:02

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01), and ??

Marivic Benares 18.10.2020, 16:44:37

Thank you so much for updating the story.I hope to read more updates as the story gets more exciting.

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The last comment in the thread:

Marivic Benares 21.10.2020, 07:18:20

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01), I super love the story.I just hope you can update it soon

Beata Gos 21.10.2020, 06:54:18

I really love this story, love can't escape trials to make it strong

Beata Gos 21.10.2020, 06:03:37

If I were Layla I should had not wear my heart over my sleeves in front of the bitch Audrey

Uhwet 21.10.2020, 00:28:16

Whewww.was holding my breathe too.op the next update comes faster! was a good read

Ukong Omaleko 20.10.2020, 23:21:19


sneha katriar 12.10.2020, 10:28:39

Hey dear...thank for the story its beautiful ...Please update soon....Friend Sneha

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sneha katriar 20.10.2020, 22:53:55

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01), Sure Dear

Yukta kataria 20.10.2020, 22:37:58

When she got to know from Jeremy about how Daniel was being cheated in the past, then why did she refused to go back with Daniel provoking fight between Jeremy and Daniel....this update started vth good drawing emotions from readers feeling the pain of Layla... and at end she herself becomes cause of the fight bcoz of her unreasonable stubborness

Alihassan Labba 20.10.2020, 20:13:11


The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 20:38:57

Alihassan Labba, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️

savi santana 18.10.2020, 06:10:58

enjoying this book very very much..

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Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:50:57

savi santana, ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Maristel Espiritu 10.10.2020, 20:55:43

I wish they realize that they are good for each other udstes please

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:50:14

Maristel Espiritu, They will soon...just make sure not to miss the upcoming updates! ❤️

Yuliana Flores 12.10.2020, 03:41:20

Loving every chapter!!! Please never deleted this book.

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:49:11

Yuliana Flores, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING A SMILE ON MY FACE, and of course, this book will always remain here forever! ❤️

Cora Maneja 15.10.2020, 14:36:46

English is my 2nd language too. I'm Asian and I think you're English is very good. Nice story start.

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:32:54

Cora Maneja, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yes, that's what I'm hoping for every time people enjoy my work! ❤️

Jocelyn villaruz 16.10.2020, 01:01:30

I love the intriguing title. The front cover looks mysterious. The plot of the story is unpredictable. Thanks. Please upload more updatessss.

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:32:00

Jocelyn villaruz, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING ME THIS! I do appreciate your endless love and support for me and my work! I'll be updating soon! ❤️

Tijani Aishat 16.10.2020, 21:35:14

Wow interesting

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:30:51

Tijani Aishat, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️

Pinu Ag 17.10.2020, 14:38:11

Beautiful chapter;>

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:30:39

Pinu Ag, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate it! ❤️

dol shin 17.10.2020, 15:25:43

Love this story please give daniel,jermy and audery pov also we want to know what is on their mind

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:30:22

dol shin, I will do my best to give you what you want. THANK YOU! ❤️

Lean Mica Belarmino 17.10.2020, 15:47:28

Wow!!! it's getting more exciting... Next part please.

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 20.10.2020, 19:29:49

Lean Mica Belarmino, Yes, and there's more to come! Be right back with the new update soon! ❤️

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