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Book. "The Billionaire's Ex" read online

The Billionaire's Ex


Story about:marriage drama, billionaire ceo, ceo romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#512 in Billionaires
#408 in Erotic

Ongoing: 09 Feb 147 pages

Publication: 23.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Billionaire's Ex"

When They Kennedy is accused of dating the billionaire for his money, she finds other means to take care of her sick mother. And that includes working as a waitress at a club, raising suspicions and rumours that happens to cost her her relationship with Ashton Ryder.

They claim to move in but a sinister situation brings Ashton back to his home town when he finds out that his sister was found half alive on the streets. He need to get Justice for her condition, even if it means taking everything from the culprit and making his life a living hell. Unknown to him that he's going to see her again after so many months and no matter how had he tries to tell himself that he hated her, he couldn't stay away. No, not from her.

The important thing is that he now holds a better position to ruin her,


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Bumbum Adeola
10.02.2023, 13:33:04

Beautiful storyline. But I am unhappy that Andrew died while saving Thea

30.01.2023, 06:19:32

Seriously she can’t blame him. How come women always endup blaming men? Here Ashton was not wrong. What would a man do when the woman he loves tell him that child she cares not hers ?

30.01.2023, 06:15:42

I will love this story if author can develop some authenticity of this story. Like when she said the child is Ashton’s he didn’t say anything. At least not to ask about the DNA. It’s a surprise because she was the one he loved so when she said something like that a guy would definitely ask for a DNA at least. Or ask where’s the child.

On the other hand she would not lie about the child during the wedding day. It could have been some other way around..

29.11.2022, 10:36:26

Elizabeth doesn’t like lies but she’s lying to Ashton so much too

Princess Sonachi Egwuonwu
26.11.2022, 19:07:34

Thank you for the update. I've been waiting for it a long time. pls could you update more frequently? I really do love the book. more grace.

Patience Boniface
25.11.2022, 22:13:55

nice update but takes ages

12.11.2022, 07:56:48

Update please author

24.11.2022, 18:17:28

How do I do that?

elvi elsi
10.11.2022, 19:59:59

updated please

Fair Lady
05.11.2022, 05:13:14

Yes Ashton , go after Thea your true love .Don’t let her slip off your fingers this time . Good job Ashton .

Ann Wambui
21.10.2022, 07:03:20

and if I may ask where is the kid??

Ann Wambui
23.10.2022, 16:43:22

NelisaGold, okay following up

23.10.2022, 07:58:57

When the wedding stop and Thea woke up she was okay with that. When Ashton said we can get married anytime and he replied was “okay”. Women doesn’t react like that. Also she found out she’s pregnant. The emotions are not really described properly.

Also Ashton asking whether it’s his child shows that he doesn’t trust her.

Fair Lady
23.10.2022, 08:35:52

Yeah, he does not trust her but still loves her alot . Sad to hear she lost her pregnancy because Ashton would have realized he was the father in the first place

23.10.2022, 06:57:30

I love this book. I feel there’s a great story hidden in this book. But also feel like author needs to be little organize with the story maybe this is what author wants to do. Make us all confused.

But few points I see that needs to be improve, the emotions of Ash when he heard his sister died. It was never mentioned. He should be shocked and should reach his home immediately. It was his own sister. But he consider it was as a business deal. No matter what a brother would have some sort of feelings.

Also if both of they were in so much love, she should have definitely would have asked money from him rather asked money from a third party because that also means she sold her dignity for money no matter what’s the circumstances is.. So I think if author can changed the fact why Ashton and they broke up this would have been better. It’s just my opinion.

Also there are many characters and we all get confused because there’s no proper direction but maybe at the end everything will be get connected..

However good luck author, waiting for a wonderful story.. ❤️

23.10.2022, 07:28:53

Pageluv, Thanks for the contribution though. I really liked that you took time to read my book. This book was written well when I was a bit younger and still undergoing editing. if anything needs to be edited I will do that.

Ashtons reaction to Freya's death takes a little turn to the fact that, the story has a little more secrets that would be revealed in the later chapters. it's almost coming to an end just a little patience.

thank you once more for the observation, I really appreciate it.

Ann Wambui
21.10.2022, 07:02:02

why are you repeating yourself author ? anyway the story is awesome can't wait for the updates

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
20.10.2022, 13:46:30

This update had repeated lines

20.10.2022, 13:57:40

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin, sorry for the mistakes.......

20.10.2022, 13:46:59

I feel bad for Thea.

19.10.2022, 12:18:23

Whats your updating schedule ?

18.10.2022, 16:01:36

today I came across this book and I really enjoyed it

18.10.2022, 21:15:02

SurenderKumar, Thank you so much.

18.10.2022, 16:00:20

are we going to get an update today?

18.10.2022, 21:12:52

SurenderKumar, yes

Rachael Macharia
18.10.2022, 02:43:33

what happened to the pregnancy ??am curious

18.10.2022, 14:15:55

Rachael Macharia, just hold on a bit...I'm almost at that part

kate isakova
14.10.2022, 22:54:41

Why she couldn't borrow money from fiance? Was it so awkward? Why would she be blamed as a gold digger?

17.10.2022, 15:54:06

kate isakova, it happens though.....I've heard some stories tho. the problem won't come from the fiance but his family most times because the man is too in love to say no. Most times, they say things like you're not even married and you are demanding happens tho.

bisma khan
26.09.2022, 17:49:03

please when will be the next update come ??

28.09.2022, 13:49:59

bisma khan, I'll post one up now....thankS for the read. Please do follow and share

Arundhati Sengupta
24.09.2022, 07:04:36

Good storyline. Hope Thea can remain this strong and not get bullied by Claire or anyone else.

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