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The billionaire's lady detective

Neppi Sue

Story about:contract marriage, billionaire mystery romance, romantic suspense

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"Can you promise to give what I want, in return for what you want?” Axel heard himself ask, his eyelids still shut. He sensed her respiratory rate increase, her breaths became heavy before she seemed to have calmed herself down. He tightened the grip around her hand hoping to reassure her, but he doubted whether it worked.

"What do you think I want Mr Axel?” She had a challenging tone in her voice and his lips tugged up into a small smile as he spoke.

“I want to think that you want me, but I’d say, you want more clues to your case.” He said, a failed attempt to sound charming.

“And what do you want from me in return?” He heard her ask, she sounded tired.

“Seduce me,” Axel said, opening his eyes to look at her startled hazels directly.

“What?!” She uttered in total disbelief.

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Sharanya Nayak 25.12.2020, 11:27:13

I hope you are able to solve the mysteries of people in this book knowing each other you see once they know each other and other minute they don't remember. Well all I want to say is that I am very curious? for next chapter? please ?quick update na..

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Neppi Sue 25.12.2020, 15:33:41

Sharanya Nayak, Yey, glad you like it! Next chapter will be updated soon. *He hee*

Bhemieyl Pinkz Darroca 23.12.2020, 10:21:44

Waiting for Next update of your story..

The last comment in the thread:

Neppi Sue 23.12.2020, 18:29:26

Bhemieyl Pinkz Darroca, Glad you like it. Will be updating soon love.

Tabitha Mutashi 21.12.2020, 20:04:18

nice story

The last comment in the thread:

Neppi Sue 22.12.2020, 14:12:18

Tabitha Mutashi, Thank you love:)

Sakshi singh 22.12.2020, 05:21:49

good work dear writer...I really enjoyed this


The last comment in the thread:

Neppi Sue 22.12.2020, 14:10:56

Sakshi singh, Thank you dear reader. Glad you did:)

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada 18.12.2020, 16:18:07

Nice story line

The last comment in the thread:

Neppi Sue 18.12.2020, 16:46:04

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada, Thanks love. Do keep tuned in for more!

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