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The Billionaire's Mask (mask #1)

Ann Margarette

Series: The Billionaire's Mask Series

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new adult, contemporary fiction, romantic mystery


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#46 in Romance
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Complete 175 pages

Publication: 09.01.2019 — 05.09.2019

Description of book "The Billionaire's Mask (mask #1)"

"You shall never enter Master Brandon's bedroom nor his study. He's not a very patient man. No one is allowed to enter his room. You can do whatever you want in the house but never go inside his room unless you are permitted to do so. Do you understand?"

When I found employment as a sous-chef to the billionaire Brandon Lucien—Chairman of the Grethe and Elga Enterprises—I immediately sensed trouble. He was a man without a face. No-one had ever seen him, and his life had always been a mystery.
Well, except for me. I had precious information that he needed, which only I could give him. He had no other choice but to accept my proposition.
However, Master Brandon was stirring up every hormone in me. His mysteriousness was drawing me to know more about him. Then yes. I was in trouble.

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Riechi Manen 10.08.2020, 14:17:56

Alayna don't let your big mouth put you in a dip shit

Riechi Manen 10.08.2020, 12:54:56

nice start and weird master

rita kumari 03.08.2020, 20:38:52

I am tempted to drop a comment here. The book is so and so..... Outrageous!! Gosh... I can't explain it in words... the whole circle of Brandon's family is so complicated and all of them are only hungry for money and blood. can't say what are my true feelings for the novel... One thing is clear to me... Both Brandon and Alayna were wrong... Brandon should've explained everything to her and Alayna should've also given him a chance if she still loved him.
I am speechless... But... I love the book.. and please.. I hope they get back together.. they truly compliment each other. they are perfectly compatible..

Christina Rogol 02.08.2020, 14:20:16

is it done?my gosh my heart hurts for alayna!!

Osit Jenn 14.07.2020, 04:01:36

this book was so awesome that I have to refer the song ' love in the dark' by Adele because it just describes Alayna and Brandon's relationship.

Tchuinte Sidonie 09.07.2020, 21:43:35

Oh My Gosh this is outrageous!! how could he! how could Brandon just do that to alayna I mean he should at least explain and tell her why he can't be with her seriously he's making me angry!

Akriti Dangwal 08.07.2020, 22:25:11

Amazing story..but..he didn't do good with Alayna..he should've been wid is powerful.. they could've worked ovr it.. betrayal completely broke the person..nd u never knw..aftr that..the person will trust someone or not..

Roseann Grajo 30.06.2020, 11:40:50

Misterious way

Rida Malik 29.06.2020, 16:01:27

What's wrong with chapter 14.

Wara Abid 29.06.2020, 12:48:38

EchantedElla 23.06.2020, 13:02:29

lovely story, please guys check out my stories thanks

morganthewriter 21.06.2020, 07:57:14

ok ok maybe i was overreacting.. i still dont like him but i dont hate him

morganthewriter 21.06.2020, 06:35:27

ok... love the book I haveńt finished it yet but I just had to say how I dislike Brandon I'm in chapter 33 I won't say I hate him till I finish the book lol

Amarachi 20.06.2020, 20:52:50


Charina Negradas Grefiel 20.06.2020, 15:20:48

an interesting plot..

Gail Waid 17.06.2020, 16:42:07

How do you proceed to the next chapter?

Keziah Shammah Paypa 13.06.2020, 22:54:15

Hi! I just want to share this! I'm first time here! First time to read this story

ANITA NWACHUKWU 12.06.2020, 11:50:11


ANITA NWACHUKWU 12.06.2020, 11:05:51


ANITA NWACHUKWU 12.06.2020, 10:54:44


ANITA NWACHUKWU 12.06.2020, 10:53:25


ANITA NWACHUKWU 12.06.2020, 04:23:16

Thumbs up

Claudia Flores 11.06.2020, 22:41:59


Mysterious r 11.06.2020, 21:11:08

She got the balls

smiley 07.06.2020, 00:16:17

This is an amazing book

Mercy Nyaboke 01.06.2020, 11:02:16

i read this book on wattpad some years back, it made me cry so much. I dont know if I can handle that again.

Safy 29.05.2020, 13:24:20

Pls read my book the silent killer

Linda Chirumbwana 23.05.2020, 22:59:17

where's part that she enters his bedroom coz its not there

Noodle 23.05.2020, 20:51:27

wuaoo ,I hope they can be together and happy,but I do not what to expect,because I hace a feeling that this is not going to end well

Sayantika Ghosh 08.05.2020, 19:20:35

I loving these stories

Teja Rani 08.05.2020, 16:16:57

just loved it..

Violeta Mitu 06.05.2020, 16:33:38

How come it goes from chapter to chapter and not from page to page? I can't turn the pages

Josh Pitta 02.05.2020, 22:20:49

good start

MILIND BHAWALE 28.04.2020, 20:03:18

Plz plz tell me if master wear mask on his face how can he eat without showing his face it impossible,?????

Eme Ekong 25.04.2020, 20:34:55


MarceVher DoRato Villahermosa 28.03.2020, 14:44:30

Michael Ohaji 09.03.2020, 05:23:12


Anastasia Nasewo 29.02.2020, 02:07:57

Wow wow wow

Gabriele Ann Paller Ignacio 23.02.2020, 12:20:17

quite feisty are we, Alayna.

Gabriele Ann Paller Ignacio 23.02.2020, 12:15:22


Gabriele Ann Paller Ignacio 23.02.2020, 12:09:38

Still good.

Gabriele Ann Paller Ignacio 23.02.2020, 12:01:11

In the part where the phone suddenly rings, the spelling of Heart is not correct. Hart is what's written in there, which is Alayna's surname right? Then use of multiple periods are not really recommended in proper writing. But all in all the flow is good.

Gabriele Ann Paller Ignacio 23.02.2020, 11:52:20

Good start.

Kosiso Okeke 20.02.2020, 15:05:52

That's quite interesting and intriguing...
How can I get the continuation?

Kosiso Okeke 20.02.2020, 15:05:51

That's quite interesting and intriguing...
How can I get the continuation?

Sushma Chaudhari 17.02.2020, 18:48:25


Sushma Chaudhari 17.02.2020, 18:37:32

Great ??

Sushma Chaudhari 17.02.2020, 18:33:11

Courageous BrAndon

Sushma Chaudhari 17.02.2020, 18:28:50

So sad ?

Sushma Chaudhari 17.02.2020, 18:05:19


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