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The Billionaire's Only Love

Leona Chen

Story about:love, billionare, chasinglove

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On Hold: 05 Nov 92 pages

Publication: 15.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Billionaire's Only Love"

She hopes for love.
He runs away from love.
She never breaks the rules.
He makes his own rules.

What happens when their paths cross? Will they fall for each other or will they run away from their chance at love?
Shane Mathews approached Maya Chase for a help and she declines it politely.
The help Shane wanted from Maya was to set him up with her friend Kerisa Nicholas, she wanted to outright deny him but she couldn't be that harsh to anyone. So she lies to him that Kerisa is already with someone right now but the truth is her friend has just come out of a relationship and is totally single.
She thinks what she did was to protect her friend from him as he is a jerk.
But is it the only reason or is there something else? Maybe a crush?


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Shiloh Mary Aragon Arias
26.05.2021, 04:01:20

i want an update so badly ?????

Shiloh Mary Aragon Arias
26.05.2021, 04:01:06

i want an update so badly ?????

Teresa Bermejo
28.12.2020, 20:12:47


Ginny Pestano
23.12.2020, 05:46:38

What happened?it's been over a month since the last update...can't wait to finish reading this lovely story.

Arundhati Sengupta
07.11.2020, 06:44:51

Beautiful feelings, but too late updates. Please author give us more frequent updates if possible.

Dubula Susanna Yana
21.10.2020, 12:51:43

Nice story ❤️

Precious Ria
18.10.2020, 13:29:31

Nice story and I can't wait to read more:) I love both of your books

Betty Cabuguas
14.10.2020, 15:23:35

nice and interesting

Yudith Padron
14.10.2020, 00:23:37

Estoy leyendo el libro hasta ahora me tiene muy entretenida

Salome Oduol
07.10.2020, 19:48:33

please update

Covenant Olamide Olabisi
05.10.2020, 09:18:47

When are U guys going to release other chapters? Good morning.

Jessie Teo
04.10.2020, 11:26:31

looking fwd to the next chapters

Covenant Olamide Olabisi
29.09.2020, 10:48:17

Rich and exciting novel.the setting too is lovely.

Maria Ann Kimberley
26.09.2020, 06:24:34

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