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The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)

Ann Margarette

Series: The Billionaire's Mask Series

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romance, billionaire, sexy


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Ongoing: 06 Jul 159 pages

Publication: 12.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)"

"I never tasted a sweet life until I met you. But what should I do? If I have to save you by not choosing you, I'll rather not to. I've accepted the fact that you betrayed me too, but I let ignored it because I love you. But don't do this, Alayna. I won't let you do this."

She smiled painfully and tears rushed on her face. "I'm saying yes to him, Brandon. I'm sorry."

The world has turned its back on me. I lost everything for the second time of my life. This time, I couldn't do anything. It was her choice. What right do I have to stop her? I was the reason everything turned out like this.

My secrets.
Our failures.
Their betrayal.
The answer.

Things shouldn't end this way.
But after that day, my revenge began.

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Akriti Dangwal 13.07.2020, 18:09:29

Nice story...when is it goin to update....

sanila rajesh 12.07.2020, 16:56:46

i love cassius very much

sanila rajesh 12.07.2020, 16:56:11

wow.... i love this story

Loata Wara Takala 08.07.2020, 16:14:39

Hope they survive this threat

31cce4c321665106 07.07.2020, 11:06:49

Brandon and Alayna will come out of this victorious. they've come a long way

Emelia Doot 07.07.2020, 08:31:52

Why are their world so cruel? ..
Thanks for the update. Hope to read the next one soon

Marites Villa 06.07.2020, 13:32:21

love it

Sheeba Pratheesh 03.07.2020, 20:22:27

Waiting waiting waiting..........

Bang Chae Ha 01.07.2020, 04:46:55

The very first book that I read on booknet was the Book 1 of this (The Billionare Mask) and I suddenly hooked to keep on reading until I am here on Book 2 (The Billionare's Revenge) and waiting for the next chapter to be publish. So thrilled and having you feel of mixed emotions. Best of Luck :-)

Olowo Khadijah 30.06.2020, 17:03:55

This is getting more interesting.
Good work Mrs Ann

Ottah Katherine 30.06.2020, 05:59:13

if there are no updates, then where do I go after this chapter

Ottah Katherine 30.06.2020, 05:57:59

next pleaseeeeeee

Fabfle 29.06.2020, 21:24:43

Great story

The last comment in the thread:

Fabfle 29.06.2020, 21:26:36

Fabfle, I'm still wondering the synopsis falls in which chapter

tej 29.06.2020, 18:33:51

tej 29.06.2020, 18:32:32

Leena Kurien 28.06.2020, 09:07:15

y no updates

31cce4c321665106 25.06.2020, 12:36:47

this is a great story, like one said, it's intense. you don't want to stop reading. Alayna is so dumb. oh my goodness

Titi 25.06.2020, 10:00:42

very interesting.

Emelia Doot 25.06.2020, 05:40:31

Oh my.. It's intense! Hope for a sooner update. Thanks

Cherry Loquias 25.06.2020, 04:59:03

like the story much, heartstopping action and love...pls..why it takes so long updating?

Bang Chae Ha 25.06.2020, 04:10:31

Oh! My heart just literally pumping fast... this chapter is so good that I can't wait for more.. thank you for the update ❤️

Leena Kurien 24.06.2020, 13:51:28

is this Finnish

Harpreet kaur anand 24.06.2020, 11:21:58

please complete the story

Pauletta Attaway 23.06.2020, 17:31:35

please update more often

31cce4c321665106 23.06.2020, 15:26:08

one great story I couldn't put down.
waiting for update

Helen Otu Bassey 22.06.2020, 21:15:05

What a great suspense.....please notify me when it's been updated

Tasya Elyana 22.06.2020, 13:52:28

it's not going endup like this right

Sylvia De Guzman 22.06.2020, 11:32:35

is this the end of the story?

Amarachi 21.06.2020, 03:20:09

This story got my heat beating with fear, suspense and what aview!! One of the best stories on here!!

The last comment in the thread:

Amarachi 21.06.2020, 10:27:55

Amarachi, Heart*
Pls update more soon plsss btw happy married life to you!!

Brightest star 19.06.2020, 17:19:41

Please can you upload the next book I want to know what happens next.

The last comment in the thread:

Brightest star 19.06.2020, 17:22:41

Asshu, I really love the way you write and I really loved the part 1 and 2 I read them in 2 days.Please ma'am upload the next part.

Sherlyn Sharmila 18.06.2020, 18:31:58

such an amazing story mam❣️I couldn't imagine how u could write an on osm story like tis...u rock...nd I loveee tis book.. waiting for more❣️

Sherlyn Sharmila 18.06.2020, 18:27:39

wow..tis story is osm

ann-marie Harbansingh 18.06.2020, 00:34:13

Somehow, I am expecting Brandon to do some crap again and loose the love of his life. i also believe Pauline is manipulative and will be his downfall because she has an agenda

Emelia Doot 16.06.2020, 18:58:16

Ohh my... So intense! Can't wait to read the next update..

Bang Chae Ha 16.06.2020, 18:41:04

Wooo! It's really an intense chapter indeed... goosebumps!
Can't wait to read more chapters.. my mind is lost now...more to go :-)

Sagarika Das 16.06.2020, 14:43:15


lomcebo mbatha 16.06.2020, 13:59:42

I read book 1 and 2 in 3days and couldn't stop till this chapter. You have the best writing skills

lomcebo mbatha 16.06.2020, 10:12:36

real enjoying the book

Mannat 13.06.2020, 15:40:08

plz update asap...I m just loving the series...

Mila Acosta 12.06.2020, 09:16:05

Full of suspense and mystery! Thank's for the update, cn't wait for the next chapter.. :)) stay safe

Sally Ch 11.06.2020, 18:58:30

It is so good , I just can't wait , !!!!!!

Princewill POP 11.06.2020, 10:41:35

Pls update sooner. By the way it's a very beautiful and nice book

Aarya Singh 10.06.2020, 22:15:00

Pls update Its my favorite book

Cherry Loquias 10.06.2020, 09:36:23

every chapter were very heart stopping...pls. update

Theresa Habashy 09.06.2020, 19:00:29

Comment has been deleted

Wilfred Enwerem 09.06.2020, 16:25:37

Every week I keep checking if the story has been completed....please do well to update it soon.

Jane Kabso Chingwe 08.06.2020, 15:53:03

why does the next chapter take days to read,I can't complete the book when I want

Abiodun Grace 03.06.2020, 19:04:23

I'm so in love with this story!!
update pls, I miss Brandon so much.

Jie Milmil 03.06.2020, 18:37:14

update pls .

Leemuel Utcheson 03.06.2020, 15:30:44

next update please

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