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The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)

Ann Margarette

Series: The Billionaire's Mask Series

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romance, billionaire, sexy


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Ongoing: 21 May 129 pages

Publication: 12.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)"

"I never tasted a sweet life until I met you. But what should I do? If I have to save you by not choosing you, I'll rather not to. I've accepted the fact that you betrayed me too, but I let ignored it because I love you. But don't do this, Alayna. I won't let you do this."

She smiled painfully and tears rushed on her face. "I'm saying yes to him, Brandon. I'm sorry."

The world has turned its back on me. I lost everything for the second time of my life. This time, I couldn't do anything. It was her choice. What right do I have to stop her? I was the reason everything turned out like this.

My secrets.
Our failures.
Their betrayal.
The answer.

Things shouldn't end this way.
But after that day, my revenge began.

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Saniaa Saifi 31.05.2020, 09:23:25

when will this story gonna be completed? approx how much more time it will take...can u tell plz author...bcz then I'll start reading it's part 1 nd then 2 ...bcz if it will take more time then I'll be deadly curious so i intended to read it once it's plzz let me know approx how much time it will take :) i loved it's plot

Layla Inaya khan 29.05.2020, 15:21:46

Can u update soon please. Can't wait anymore.

Safy 29.05.2020, 13:24:03

Pls read my book the silent killer

Lhietzkie Larvie 28.05.2020, 01:20:49

ohhh excited for the updates...thanks they found ollie...

Mila Acosta 26.05.2020, 11:19:30

At last they found Oliver, im happy he's back! I want those who kidnaped him be punish also... :)) Oh ollie be strong! Thank's for the update, stay safe! :))

Eby Javier Loria 25.05.2020, 20:49:44

It's worth reading...

Layla Inaya khan 23.05.2020, 23:25:35

Can u update soon.

Layla Inaya khan 22.05.2020, 23:18:14

When's the next update?

Juliet Nely 21.05.2020, 17:44:41

oh...I'm so glad Ollie is alive

Marilyn Lucero 21.05.2020, 14:20:42

I love this story so much.

Nikky Ade Akinade 21.05.2020, 11:14:30

Thanks for coming bacj from a long break

Juliet Nely 19.05.2020, 18:41:39

argh....the gap between updates are so wide. I felt disjointed from the story almost, lol. Thank you. But, can you please be a bit steady about it?

Dwayne Dhane Gayares 18.05.2020, 19:13:25

I cant wait the next chapter of the story...please. update very soon. excited!?

Lady Anne 18.05.2020, 18:34:01

the interval is so long, I have even forgotten the story and had to refresh by going back. instead of writing new novels, can you at least complete this 1st?

adepeju-a o-israel 18.05.2020, 13:46:41

Great! ready for some adventure. Pls the updates is getting too far apart. pls update early. thanks.

Beata Gos 18.05.2020, 13:28:15

Thank you for the suspense this update is giving us

NJNorah 18.05.2020, 11:54:00

I feel terriiiiible its so good can't wait for the next chapter

Dipti Vandra 17.05.2020, 16:38:06

update please

Abidakun Ayoola 16.05.2020, 15:11:50

update please

Fharniza Hadjirul 16.05.2020, 11:08:08

Yeah! Just like what I've thought. Alayna is selfish and only thought about herself.

Fharniza Hadjirul 16.05.2020, 10:17:17

For me, Alayna is a selfish bitch.

Fharniza Hadjirul 16.05.2020, 09:58:24

Alayna's attitude makes me want to hate her. She's flirty and urghhh! Why can't she just wait for Brandon and not to flirt with Cassius? Is it her way to heal her broken heart where in fact she can't just let go of Brandon?

Ruby Relente Quedado 13.05.2020, 05:49:27

When is the next chapters?

Josh Pitta 08.05.2020, 22:54:37

next chapters please

remilekun gbemiga 06.05.2020, 14:20:38

Wonderful,can't wait for the next one. Please update very soon

Precious A Okeya Efoghor 06.05.2020, 01:41:39

wow, just wow, I mean double wow. I duff my hat. you are a great writer miss Ann. Very intriguing . When are you gonna update? I'm dying to know who the traitor is please...

Pallabi Nath 05.05.2020, 16:21:43

Waiting for new chapters.... Too curious to know about coming episodes...

Ewoma Inonoje 05.05.2020, 00:46:00

thanks for the update
when are you going to update kissing Mr perfect

Bang Chae Ha 04.05.2020, 16:13:31

Hi :-) just askin' when will you finish this book? Just too curious to what will be their fate.. just lovin' it :-) hope you give us update on this.

The last comment in the thread:

Ann Margarette 04.05.2020, 17:54:29

i have no exact time of completion as of the moment, but thanks for supporting and reading this story!❤️

tetsoma ogbemi 04.05.2020, 16:41:56

I need to go back to read this story again, cos have lost track of the story line, updates takes soo long.i don't know who is who again but all in all its a good read

The last comment in the thread:

Ann Margarette 04.05.2020, 17:53:29

Thank you for your continues support on my story :)

C B Jefferson 30.04.2020, 10:40:02

Hi Ann
Do you have any advice for new writers of how to increase ones following.
If you feel giving constructive criticism, ill aprreciate.

The last comment in the thread:

Ann Margarette 30.04.2020, 19:16:28

Sure! I'll check it out. :)

Maureen Onuoha Adimac 30.04.2020, 18:59:08

I love this book

Averyn Dev 28.04.2020, 19:31:52

During these quarantine times we really need an update

Alphine Soringa Estrera Unini 28.04.2020, 18:57:21

nice one....

adepeju-a o-israel 28.04.2020, 16:35:26

Hmmm, love to this story as it is getting more and more complicated and at the same time interesting. But the update is just tooooooo sloooow.

Eloho Ajagba 28.04.2020, 08:56:35

So interesting, when is d next chapter coming up?

Jannet Bravo 27.04.2020, 14:09:52

Waiting update pls.. thank yoi

Favour Richard 26.04.2020, 14:29:09

please update

Favour Abotu 26.04.2020, 01:54:52

So lovely

writergirl 25.04.2020, 09:20:52

awsome story

Maria Eom 25.04.2020, 08:22:39

When is the next chapter? i love your story

Light blizzard 24.04.2020, 22:54:15

love u

Vaishali Choudhary 24.04.2020, 07:43:07

update please. ....♡♡

Khiana Flores Felix 23.04.2020, 04:44:57

Ilove it next chapter please?❤️

Maduike Sunday 21.04.2020, 14:29:19

Next chapter please

Olowo Khadijah 19.04.2020, 02:05:54

More interesting

evelyn bonachita 18.04.2020, 08:54:41

Amazing story! Looking for the next chapters.

Shalini Rambally 16.04.2020, 17:00:15

This is so amazing I can't wait for your update.

alvina. alisha 16.04.2020, 10:36:38

Neeraj Baliyan 15.04.2020, 14:22:19

Next chapter??

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