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The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)

Ann Margarette

Series: The Billionaire's Mask Series

Story about:romance, billionaire, sexy

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Complete 196 pages

Publication: 12.09.2019 — 11.08.2020

Description of book "The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)"

"I never tasted a sweet life until I met you. But what should I do? If I have to save you by not choosing you, I'll rather not to. I've accepted the fact that you betrayed me too, but I let ignored it because I love you. But don't do this, Alayna. I won't let you do this."

She smiled painfully and tears rushed on her face. "I'm saying yes to him, Brandon. I'm sorry."

The world has turned its back on me. I lost everything for the second time of my life. This time, I couldn't do anything. It was her choice. What right do I have to stop her? I was the reason everything turned out like this.

My secrets.
Our failures.
Their betrayal.
The answer.

Things shouldn't end this way.
But after that day, my revenge began.

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Manasi Khamkar 08.08.2020, 07:28:23


Emelia Doot 08.08.2020, 03:25:24

They've been in so much pain already..hope this is the start of their light together.
Please update sooner.

adepeju-a o-israel 07.08.2020, 19:32:06

Hmmm, Brandon is back again but is he here to stay? We will soon know. Pls update on time. Thanks.

Tan Jacque 07.08.2020, 18:50:41


Favour Abotu 07.08.2020, 16:50:12

Next chapter plsssssss

Shiza Naeem 07.08.2020, 16:21:28

Awwwww the best update sooooo far loved it

REBECCA 07.08.2020, 08:22:32

where are the next chapters

Leena Kurien 05.08.2020, 11:36:21

y not updating

Manasi Khamkar 05.08.2020, 09:59:47


vicki love 04.08.2020, 17:20:50

please write the next book soon!!! I can't live with this agony please!!!

Queenie 02.08.2020, 15:08:15

New chapter pleeeaaassseee!

Sayantika Ghosh 02.08.2020, 09:00:19

Please write the next part

ang greanyz 01.08.2020, 13:06:05

need a new chapter plzzzzz

Rachel Owens 01.08.2020, 03:46:31

please update soon. i a. excited for the rest of the story

Rachel Owens 01.08.2020, 03:44:34

oh author the story is awesome. please update soon.

The billionaire mask 30.07.2020, 06:07:39

please update this book how you expect us to support your work if you don't finish the or up date this book is interesting

Sheeba Pratheesh 29.07.2020, 17:24:49

Hello , update please.........

Kitzy 29.07.2020, 14:40:07

Hi dear I started writing my own story name mafia revenge ..plz show some love n read this book ..plz like comments n subscribe my channel..

The billionaire mask 29.07.2020, 10:09:05

what is this book really finish just like that i to know how it goes with them please update

Amanda Martinez 24.07.2020, 12:02:54

WOW can't wait for the next update please

Sia bhardwaj 24.07.2020, 07:25:46

This is getting more interesting. What could have happened to Brandon...I have been wondering for a long tym. Please don't make us wait more and update frequently.

Reshma Survase 20.07.2020, 22:57:13

Plz update the book

muthulakshmi G 20.07.2020, 20:21:23


Sree Katheresan 18.07.2020, 15:51:54

is this the ending..????

Tina Nna 18.07.2020, 13:47:32

pls update

Frauline Dike 17.07.2020, 12:34:48

Next please

Sree Katheresan 16.07.2020, 18:08:33

waiting for the next chapter....

Emelia Doot 16.07.2020, 14:34:13

Please update sooner

Emelia Doot 16.07.2020, 14:33:50

Ohh my... There should trust between them to hold on together...

Vits Ortega 16.07.2020, 12:04:02

Hello! this love story is so confusing.lf you love someone,money and power is of no importance.

31cce4c321665106 16.07.2020, 10:43:49

oh dear. Alayna Alayna Alayna dearest open your eyes stand up for your man understand and fight with him in your own way.

IxoraRosada 16.07.2020, 09:31:47

Hey, I would appreciate your feedback on a short love story I just posted on here. I am a new author, and I am just trying to improve my work. It's a fated love story with some steamy passion. It's feel free to check it out and leave your feedback.

Beata Gos 16.07.2020, 09:12:34

So sad for Brandon, hope Alayna will be more considerate of Brandon

SUMATI BEHERA 16.07.2020, 08:46:49

OMG!! What just happened to Brandon? I hope he's okay! Thanks for the update sweetie ❤

Izzy 16.07.2020, 08:34:14

Oh my god, I love this book! One of my favorites on Booknet by far! you have a wonderful writing style :)) Please update again soon!

SUMATI BEHERA 15.07.2020, 10:17:24

Dear, why are you taking so long to update? I've been waiting eagerly for the next chapter!

Akriti Dangwal 13.07.2020, 18:09:29

Nice story...when is it goin to update....

sanila rajesh 12.07.2020, 16:56:46

i love cassius very much

sanila rajesh 12.07.2020, 16:56:11

wow.... i love this story

Loata Wara Takala 08.07.2020, 16:14:39

Hope they survive this threat

31cce4c321665106 07.07.2020, 11:06:49

Brandon and Alayna will come out of this victorious. they've come a long way

Emelia Doot 07.07.2020, 08:31:52

Why are their world so cruel? ..
Thanks for the update. Hope to read the next one soon

Marites Villa 06.07.2020, 13:32:21

love it

Sheeba Pratheesh 03.07.2020, 20:22:27

Waiting waiting waiting..........

Bang Chae Ha 01.07.2020, 04:46:55

The very first book that I read on booknet was the Book 1 of this (The Billionare Mask) and I suddenly hooked to keep on reading until I am here on Book 2 (The Billionare's Revenge) and waiting for the next chapter to be publish. So thrilled and having you feel of mixed emotions. Best of Luck :-)

Olowo Khadijah 30.06.2020, 17:03:55

This is getting more interesting.
Good work Mrs Ann

Danielle kassy 30.06.2020, 05:59:13

if there are no updates, then where do I go after this chapter

Danielle kassy 30.06.2020, 05:57:59

next pleaseeeeeee

Fabfle 29.06.2020, 21:24:43

Great story

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Fabfle 29.06.2020, 21:26:36

Fabfle, I'm still wondering the synopsis falls in which chapter

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