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The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)

Ann Margarette

Series: The Billionaire's Mask Series

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romance, billionaire, sexy


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Ongoing: 24 Jun 149 pages

Publication: 12.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)"

"I never tasted a sweet life until I met you. But what should I do? If I have to save you by not choosing you, I'll rather not to. I've accepted the fact that you betrayed me too, but I let ignored it because I love you. But don't do this, Alayna. I won't let you do this."

She smiled painfully and tears rushed on her face. "I'm saying yes to him, Brandon. I'm sorry."

The world has turned its back on me. I lost everything for the second time of my life. This time, I couldn't do anything. It was her choice. What right do I have to stop her? I was the reason everything turned out like this.

My secrets.
Our failures.
Their betrayal.
The answer.

Things shouldn't end this way.
But after that day, my revenge began.

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Nameless 18.09.2019, 03:35:53

Why u didn't update more chapters yet?

Jasmin Maharaj 16.09.2019, 16:40:12

Love this book can't wait to
Read the rest

Chibuogu Nnamani 16.09.2019, 14:46:07

The suspense is killing . Pls i can't wait for the next chapter . Hurry up Ann.

Sharon Grace Aboy 16.09.2019, 07:43:39

Can't wait for more.....exciting!!!

Jelyn Baro-Auza Salvani 16.09.2019, 06:52:58

Pls update... love it. Thnks

Riekedyah W 15.09.2019, 16:09:29

oh pls come back soon

Riekedyah W 15.09.2019, 15:53:21

great. ?????

Kayalicia 14.09.2019, 22:46:59

Such a wonderful story, could not stop devouring the first and moved right on to the second. A beautiful love story that grows into your heart, attaching you to the character's emotions, distinctly their pain. Am only disappointed I went through it so quickly like a rabid animal and now have to wait for the next chapter!

Vanessa Pitamber 14.09.2019, 22:33:53

More updates on billionaire mask 2, the suspense is a lot.

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 14.09.2019, 00:00:23

First chapter very intresting and can't wait to read until the last chapter. Looking forward fpr the next chapter.

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