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The Billionaire's Secret Love


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Publication: 21.10.2020 — 04.12.2020
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Description of book "The Billionaire's Secret Love"

Jay King was a well known billionaire in England. He was arrogant, rude, emotionless, egotistic and doesn't believe in love but his taught began to change when he spilled his hot coffee on a Canadian red hair girl who turned out to be his next personal assistant. For how long can Jay handle his feelings for her?

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Fath Sunday 05.12.2020, 16:07:10

boring bt u tried

Arpan Sarao 04.12.2020, 17:27:04

I wish this story never ends...ur such an amazing writer

DIA 04.12.2020, 14:44:57


Patience Boniface 04.12.2020, 13:17:58


Bless Wambui 29.11.2020, 14:32:05

Love the proposal update it please

Bless Wambui 21.11.2020, 18:02:06

Can't wait for more

Len-len Tirados 14.11.2020, 05:33:34

My God i hope it's not Ursula who died

Len-len Tirados 13.11.2020, 18:38:02

Am starting to read and the story looks interesting. I just hope it is for free reading
Thank you.

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Asmauusman 13.11.2020, 21:22:10

Len-len Tirados, it is

Dream of books 13.11.2020, 14:40:33

i think other patient died instead of Ursula and she is not breathing for some drungs when jay is talking and crying Hër to wake up then she wakes up i think

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma 13.11.2020, 13:19:27

this story is awesome
I can't stop reading

Vits Ortega 06.11.2020, 07:31:51

soo exciting to hear their love story

Geeta Gupta 29.10.2020, 13:24:01

Please update daily ..... please

Pamela Dias 27.10.2020, 10:39:52

Ursula fainted due to exhaustion and weakness due to lack of food and concern for Jay. Plz upload the continuation to this story asap. It’s getting very interesting. Thanks

Linda Saculles 27.10.2020, 05:34:43

Starting to like it thanks

Isaac Jacob 26.10.2020, 22:27:33

They love each other but they won't admit it ??

Pamela Dias 25.10.2020, 18:31:34

The story is intriguing. Intense love, torture and still the urge not to let go. One gets so engrossed in the story, that you just can’t stop... plz don’t keep us waiting too long for the next update.
Thanks n God Bless

The last comment in the thread:

Asmauusman 25.10.2020, 20:05:50

Pamela Dias, I appreciate this honey don't worry the next chapter is coming up

Enang Adekunle Adeosin 25.10.2020, 03:36:40

huhn, huhn

Enang Adekunle Adeosin 23.10.2020, 23:41:50

the emotions are finding expression.

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The last comment in the thread:

Asmauusman 24.10.2020, 20:13:19

Enang Adekunle Adeosin, coming up

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