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Publication: 12.02.2021 — 16.08.2021

Description of book "The Billionaires Too (#2)"

The cat is finally out of the bag, and the games have only just begun. It is a bloodbath in this sequel as the billionaires fight to keep their heads above the water.

When MJ Billings finally shows who she really is, everyone's world is turned upsidedown as they start to question what is real and what is not.

A huge scandal rocks Billings Corporations, forcing MJ to return to England. Upon arrival, her entire life is turned into a turmoil after she witnesses the murder of someone close to her heart.

Logan is having trouble coming to terms with how quickly MJ messed up his life, and he turns to the last person he never thought he would need. But soon, it turns out he might have walked straight into a bloodbath as his companion's past starts catching up with her.


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fiona ombija
21.02.2021, 12:14:14

The book is wonderful with a lot of suspense ..... Is there another book coming..... book 3?

Khanyi Mathayi
17.05.2021, 07:11:46

Brendah Agnes, lol don't worry about that, I wouldn't dare

Sanjana Patel
20.02.2021, 10:25:01

Comment has been deleted

Ritul Singh
19.02.2021, 17:22:56

Thanks author for the update

Khanyi Mathayi
19.02.2021, 17:43:46

Ritul Singh, The pleasure is all mine. thank you for the support!

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