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Book. "The Birth of a Nephilim" read online

The Birth of a Nephilim

Kuro Tenshin

Story about:angel, love story, shortstory

28 244

#332 in Short stories
#439 in Supernaturals

Complete 5 pages

Publication: 01.01.2021 — 01.01.2021

Description of book "The Birth of a Nephilim"

This story is about the eternal love of Hannah Adair to her beloved Elijah. Hannah is the sole daughter of an aristocrat while Elijah is nothing but a commoner. Hannah's father, Michael, will do any means to separate both of them.

One night, at the same time as the appearance of the "Blue Moon", the couple eloped to live with each other for the rest of their lives.

But, a tragic event took its place.

The expected forever became limited to one night.

Hannah's wish to be with him once more had a greater risk than she had ever imagined.


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farha farook
08.02.2021, 16:48:22

is this book has continuation

Kuro Tenshin
11.02.2021, 03:18:51

farha farook, There will be in the future. Thank you for reading!

Yvonne Janhi
10.02.2021, 19:33:39

???oh no ,don't tell that it finishes before it even starts...
This was going to be a very interesting story to read???

Kuro Tenshin
11.02.2021, 03:17:28

Yvonne Janhi, Thank you. I will try to continue it. It may take some time though.

Obaa Pa
10.01.2021, 01:17:10

pls is that all the story

Obaa Pa
11.01.2021, 22:31:55

Kuro Tenshin, oh pls continue it,it gonna be a great story

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