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The Birthday Present Condundrum

Londa Cele

Story about:breakup, cheating, love betrayal and forgiveness

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#505 in Romantic suspense
#249 in Contemporary fiction

Complete 5 pages

Publication: 17.01.2020 — 17.01.2020

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Description of book "The Birthday Present Condundrum"

You break up with your ex girl-friend and the both of you move on with your lives in relative peace until one day, you get a call to confirm a reservation you've made for the surprise getaway you had planned for her birthday. What do you do?

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Queenebunoluelwa 15.09.2020, 18:18:54

short but amazing good job author

Izzy 04.02.2020, 14:34:41

Like it! U write very well, I enjoyed this a lot;))

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Londa Cele 06.02.2020, 11:13:56

Izzy, Thank you very much, It means a lot.

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