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Book. "The Black Witch" read online

The Black Witch

Plume Alter

Story about:urban fiction, horror mystery, trish

Age restriction: 18+

5 53

#522 in Paranormal Romance
#484 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 10 Apr 18 pages

Publication: 02.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Black Witch"

Santo Rosario had this legend about the blood moon. According to the old folks, the witches in Santo Rosario were divided into two; the white witches and the black witches—the healers and the destroyers. On the night of the blood moon, two destined witch mothers will both have their babies delivered before their kin. Such babies will determine the stability of their group, for there was always a battle between the white witches and the black witches. A battle between good and bad.

Six friends came to that island for an adventure, not knowing that one of them was a black witch. But will she choose power over her friends? And will she kill her one true love to fulfill the prophecy?


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Marilyn Lucero
23.04.2021, 04:48:34

Dear author, please finish this book before the contest!

Marilyn Lucero
17.04.2021, 17:11:32

Wow! This is so interesting!

03.03.2021, 04:46:49

Aww yaas it's out!! :DD You say that writing fantasy isn't a forte of yours, but this gives me Hiwaga and Alfonso vibes with like the folklore and urban legends that I love reading about lol. I'm super excite to find out what happens next. Looking forward to your next update hehe~!

Plume Alter
10.04.2021, 13:43:07

noveltealover, hello Nix!! I've just edited the first few chapters and updated a chapter too. I'm surprised that I am actually loving this lol. I miss you.

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