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The Boy and the Red Button


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coming of age, fairy tale, short story


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Description of book "The Boy and the Red Button"

What happens when a boy finds a box with a red button in forest?

This is a 1,400 words short story published EXCLUSIVELY on Litnet. This story is copyrighted (c) 2018 by Antony W.F. Chow. Book cover based on Dreamstime stock photo ID number 19254791, and copyrighted (c) 2018 by Martine De Graaf. All rights reserved.

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Andrew Acton 30.12.2018, 16:37:42

very interesting

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Puppychow 18.02.2019, 17:37:13

Michael Knight, Hi! The story is meant to be a one-shot, meaning no more updates to it. I often write stories based on whimsical inspirations. In this case, someone shared a gif of a red button being pushed on social media, and I got this inspiration of a little boy pushing the button in a secluded forest.

Heather Navy 16.01.2019, 15:59:40

very atmospheric

Kelli Callahan 08.01.2019, 00:01:47

so engaging

Natalia Abram 06.01.2019, 23:43:58

love it

Savage Rose 05.01.2019, 00:50:30

great one

Nina Ainsworth 03.01.2019, 22:54:42

very nice story, well done

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