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The Boy of Dane

Corné Craig

Story about:fantasy, drama, medieval

6 2009

#170 in Action & Adventures
#2621 in Fantasy

On Hold: 03 Jul 46 pages

Publication: 01.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Boy of Dane"

Alder is taken over and Bryan has just been orphaned. The resting Queen’s maidens took the poor baby boy to a village outside the castle. Trying to hide his true identity. Lonely and scared the maidens were, leaving poor Bryan on a random doorstep with only a note explaining his situation. Will he grow old, never knowing his backstory? Or will he rise stronger and take back what belongs to him?

Please feel free to add a comment or two. Especially if you see something you did not like☺️


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Celeste I.
20.08.2019, 02:41:08

What an interesting take on the story so far. I was worried about the beginning at first, with the exposition, too good to be true parents (at least the King and Queen are good people though), and a one-dimensional villain so far. Things I think have improved after that notion. The relationship between Bryan and his family and folks is surprisingly genuine. On a side note, glad you didn't go with the abusive adoptive parents to the unique one cliche. The suspense with the sisters before that was also pretty intense what with everything else happening around them. I also like how we get a glimpse of Byran's life before he finds out about the life-changing endeavor. That'll make things more exciting when he gets into potential danger later on.

I do have some problems with this so far; I'm not sure if it's nitpicking or not. I'm not fond of the villain so far and their reasons for wanting to take over the castle (If there's something more complicated? I don't know). The exposition isn't too great, a lot of telling instead of showing at the start. Also, while I do like Byran as a character, he's pretty mature for his age, he doesn't seem believable for his age?

Celeste I.
20.08.2019, 02:44:50

Celeste I., [Continued]I mean, I don't know or interact with many kids, so maybe some can act like this. I know some kind children, but I don't recall any mature and wise ones, just that Byran acts more like a young adult or teenager (actually, teen is probably not the best way to describe it cause they aren't mature either).

Well, anyway, this story has potential. I added it to my library; I look forward to the next update~

Roza Csergo
07.07.2019, 10:15:35

Just wondering when will you update...

Roza Csergo
01.07.2019, 10:27:16

Hi. This is a promising story. Keep it up.
Would you like to consider some constructive criticism?

Roza Csergo
03.07.2019, 00:42:28

Roza Csergo, By the way, the cover is awesome and the title is very good.

01.07.2019, 20:33:42

you can publish more

Corné Craig
02.07.2019, 21:58:02

A new chapter is up. Would you mind giving it a read. Criticism is very welcome ??

Anthony Sterling
02.07.2019, 14:47:24

nice, continue

Corné Craig
02.07.2019, 21:57:53

A new chapter is up. Would you mind giving it a read. Criticism is very welcome ??

Hope you enjoy.

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