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The Bratty Heiress

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)

Series: Mafia Series

Story about:love, humor, mafia

Age restriction: 18+

534 8731

#373 in Contemporary fiction
#971 in Erotic

Sample 163 pages

Publication: 18.05.2020 — 04.06.2020

Description of book "The Bratty Heiress"

"I'm not your baby boy, you're my little brat and I'm your man. Your only one, we're exclusive or I'll ruin each and every one of your date night." He cupped my face in his manly hand and move his face inches to mine. Then he started giving me his small kisses, and rubbed my cheek with his thumb.



you're his daughter,
you're the heiress,
you're coming back to him.
That was the nail to my coffin.
That was my fate.
That was my doom.


she's his freaking daughter,
she's way above your league,
she's never going to fall for you.

That was the ugly truth.
That was the reality.
That was the fact.


She's a player
He's a virgin

How will the two struggle?
How will the love flourish?
How will their relationship grow?


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Leron Ward
20.03.2021, 11:07:46

Awesome writing! Interesting story

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
20.03.2021, 16:39:03

Leron Ward, thank you, please check out my bio for more completed books :)

Manju Jhuriani
28.07.2020, 02:15:32

Loved It! OMG I am just getting addicted to your Books!♡

Manju Jhuriani
28.07.2020, 03:22:41

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust), ;) ♡

Bang Chae Ha
22.07.2020, 20:46:22

Wooaa!! I aim to finish reading this book for just one day and shockingly I did!!! I can't resist the temptation to keep on reading... Oh my!!! You are really the best Cass ❤️ All your books are really the best... superrrrr!!! Hats Off to you, really!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Bang Chae Ha
23.07.2020, 03:31:21

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust), Yeah right! I just love bratty Olga ❤️ No buts and ifs, same goes with virgin no more Luka :-) amazing ❤️

heena ahmad
18.07.2020, 20:02:07

love all the books of this Mafia series.. liking all the characters.. love u author

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
18.07.2020, 20:16:15

heena ahmad, thank you...more malibu mafia coming soon ❤️

S. N. Nina Arthur
05.06.2020, 18:04:38

Love this book❣️❣️

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
05.06.2020, 18:10:11

S. N. Nina Arthur, ❤️❤️❤️ thank you :))

Ashleh Queen guru
05.06.2020, 16:01:39

Best of luck, hon.

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
05.06.2020, 17:05:25

Ashleh Queen, thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Tuttera Sheyi Janat
04.06.2020, 21:10:23

thank you for these lovely stories and the art time you put into them.

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
05.06.2020, 03:13:15

Tuttera Sheyi Janat, most enjoy my other stories ❤️

04.06.2020, 19:50:11

Great job love the book u did such a great job, loveeeeee iiiitttt!

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
04.06.2020, 19:53:52

Lucy Lu Nina, thank youuuu ❤️❤️❤️

Olga: see...told ya... best book ever :)

04.06.2020, 16:22:05

Dearest Author, I know I'm being shameless but will you also post 2 updates today?? *Batting my lashes*

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
04.06.2020, 17:27:36

mnmbits, hahaha yes please do ❤️❤️❤️ thank you!!

04.06.2020, 02:04:47

awwww! thank you for dedicating this to me. my heart is really happy!

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
04.06.2020, 16:51:00

mnmbits, ❤️❤️❤️ you're welcome❤️❤️❤️

03.06.2020, 17:30:12

funny that i kept on refreshing the page just in case you uploaded two chapters tonight

04.06.2020, 01:59:56

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust), hahaha!! thank you!

maryam kiraniputri
02.06.2020, 11:37:21

Can wait for the next story. Like this do muchhhhh..
And please make the nikolai story ?

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
03.06.2020, 17:43:38

maryam kiraniputri, welcome ❤️❤️❤️

adepeju-a o-israel
19.05.2020, 11:48:02

i dont understand something here. To me the bratty heiress is not a new story. I ve read it to the point where Olga dad was shot and Luke has moved away from the house. But was shocked when I saw the story starting from the beginning again.
Please what happened? Am confused here

adepeju-a o-israel
19.05.2020, 17:10:28

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust), Ok. So you now started from the beginning again. Now understood why I didn't see it for sometime.

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