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The bride of the billionaire

Wild Celo

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Description of book "The bride of the billionaire"

About Raze, a secret billionaire who can get everything he wants but still, he feel something incomplete that he have to search for it.

His smile fades when his brother died because of accident and his parents put him all the blame, that hurts him so much! That's his loss too.

He owns clothing industry, investment company, liqours company and Texno, the games creator.

He is a man of dreams, every girls wish for him but he guess he is numb for some reasons while on the right way, there's Catherine.

A girl who choose to be happy and enjoy life despite of her struggles.

An average girl who live in province, aiming for progress while literally enjoying life.

Is it possible that their path will cross?

Catherine grab a chance to work at the city.
At the billionaire's crib.

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Alulu Onuoha 18.09.2020, 09:12:24

So lovely more updates plssss

Elizabeth Mbuya 14.09.2020, 05:55:57

I wish you luck on your new journey Lorence Catherine. I'm looking forward to more chapters and good luck.

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Wild Celo 16.09.2020, 04:23:11

Elizabeth Mbuya, uwwoo, thank you so much. I'll edit this one and add prologue, hope you'll read and love it.

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