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Publication: 20.11.2021 — 06.12.2021

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Description of book "The Bucket List"

'Change' is a word, we all are familiar with.

Some people like it the others are afraid of it.

Mira falls into the latter category. A brilliant student who managed a seat in India's top educational institution high in the Mountains. College life brings her all sorts of changes, surroundings, weather, atmosphere, environment, people, etc.

It also brings heartbreak, unreciprocated feelings to her.

Was coming to a new and foreign town a bad idea?

Or will she find what she was searching for? The cure to her lonely desires? Desires written in her bucket list?

There is Karan and then there is Karthik.

60k-65k words

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Somya Shalini
08.12.2021, 05:57:23

people can't u vote when u find the story interesting duh!!!

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