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The Captain and the Sorceress


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Publication: 30.11.2018 — 30.11.2018

Description of book "The Captain and the Sorceress"

After years of solitude and study, Sharazzad travels to the city of Gondor to visit their famous library and start making diplomatic connections to the most important kingdom of men in Middle Earth. There she becomes friends with the youngest son of the steward...and his gallant older brother.

*I do NOT possess extensive knowledge of Tolkien's work nor ownership of anything in this story but the unknown characters. This fanfic is made for entertainment purposes only, however my OCs are still my own and nobody is allowed to use them without my written permission. Thank you.

-SEE WHERE EVERYTHING STARTED: go read the first part of Sharazzad's story in 'The King and the Sorceress.'

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Samantha Ainsley 15.01.2019, 13:49:33

interesting story, well done

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Mitikiwostky 15.01.2019, 17:50:50

Samantha Ainsley, thank you :)

Amie Knight 02.01.2019, 17:12:11

will add it to my reading list

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Mitikiwostky 03.01.2019, 01:01:57

Amie Knight, great! thank you

Amara Kent 31.12.2018, 12:39:08


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Mitikiwostky 31.12.2018, 15:41:15

Amara Kent, thank you :)

Helen Nice 30.12.2018, 16:25:18

I start to read it soon

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Mitikiwostky 30.12.2018, 18:29:43

Helen Nice, awesome! hope you enjoy it

Brian Downtown 09.12.2018, 12:51:14

I'm sorry, but is it permitted to use photos of the actors for the book covers? Just wonder..

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Brian Downtown 10.12.2018, 13:22:39

Mitikiwostky, I don't know, but just in case...

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