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Book. "The Champion Of The Court." read online
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Publication: 12.08.2022 — 20.08.2022

Description of book "The Champion Of The Court."

One fateful night changed it all.

After being thrown back into each other's lives. Sebastian and Maddie jump hurdle after hurdle to maintain their relationship. After years of seperation, the Star Student and Basketball Star, are officially reunited at college.

But with a new school, comes new challenges and higher stakes. Sebastian struggles to juggle new friends, the arrival of Maddie's snarky cousin and his controlling family all the while trying to find himself. Maddie's life seems to be moving so fast and it's hard for him to keep up.

Sebastian knows that drama is always around the corner. Their relationship overcame the barriers once, will it do it again?

Content Warning: Mature Language and sexual references are presented throughout.

Sequel to 'The Son Of The Coach'


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she can understand

what a bad girl



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