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The Champion Witch

Alyssa Young

Story about:the champion witch

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#1136 in Fantasy
#325 in Paranormal Romance

Complete 25 pages

Publication: 01.04.2021 — 14.04.2021

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Description of book "The Champion Witch"

Luthessa is a witch from the realm of Sabeer whose population is inhabited by witches and wizards. Her failure to uphold her blood line in the Champion’s witch race tarnishes her witch reputation and propels her on a different path to the land of Savore inhabited by humans in an attempt to seek solace in another realm away from the guilt and shame of rejection. She meets William a human who is enchanted by her beauty but is not willing to make a move due to the fact that she is a powerful witch and is from a royal witch family line. As she struggles to find her destiny she has to learn to let go of her past which threatens to curtail her path in finding her true destiny. She is torn into two between choosing love over her destiny to be a Champion witch in a realm that does not accept witch

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