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Publication: 08.03.2022 — 13.03.2022

Description of book "The Chocolate Rose"

Prince Arrik had been locked away from the world in a mountain retreat throughout most of his childhood and teen years, fearful that his future crown could be lost through the continued threat of insurrection from his people until he reaches the age of maturity and he is able to relieve his Uncle from his acting regent role.
Arrik has a keen interest in the world outside his isolated winter chalet and wants more excitement beyond his boring lessons on statecraft. He wants action and to explore his kingdom away from his protective shelter.
He hears rumours of a Chocolate Rose appearing as if by magic in a kingdom whose borders are closed to such luxurious imports in fear of invasion by other kingdoms. He is intrigued and wants to investigate.

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Rachel WesternWind
25.03.2022, 06:06:11

You know I read this book and then thought about it for awhile...a chocolate rose...and the symbolism you wove using it for a code word...and then wove it around again making something almost mythical into reality...magic!! Awesome!! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Rachel WesternWind
25.03.2022, 22:46:59

Tony Spencer, Interesting indeed.

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