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The Chronicles of Love [bxb Short Stories Collection]


Story about:science fiction, lgbt, mermaid

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On Hold: 30 Dec 51 pages

Publication: 22.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Chronicles of Love [bxb Short Stories Collection]"

Collections of 3 BxB short stories/Novellas:

1. Evergreen: a romance between a mental instability patient and a psychiatrist who meets when the former jumps off the bridge, trying to commit suicide.

2. 100% MATCH: a sci-fi romance where marriage doesn't happen due to love or feelings. People can only get married when they get 50% from scanning a love meter on their wrists. Will it be possible to score a full mark of 100%?

3. Home is where the heart is: A love that is lost because of ambition but recovered due to forgiveness. (MPREG)

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Arin Satsujin
16.09.2022, 18:51:16