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The Cold Hearted Tomboy Soul Reaper

Kim Hitsugaya

Story about:bleach anime, fight, karakura

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On Hold: 27 Mar 21 pages

Publication: 26.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Cold Hearted Tomboy Soul Reaper "

In the human world, a young girl seems to be the cause of the frequent hollow attacks. The number of attacks per day increased like never before and many times she was the target. The captain of the 13th gotei kept an eye on her and ended up confiding his fears to the head captain. Who is this human being? How can a mere human give off so much reiatsu? What will be her fate?

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Angel grace
12.03.2021, 21:51:45

Loving the book so far can't wait to

Angel grace
14.03.2021, 18:29:19

Kim Hitsugaya, ❤❤❤
I will very glad if you enjoy my book. Thank you

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