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The college wife

Tina Ogabu

Story about:love and enmity

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Ongoing: 21 Apr 109 pages

Publication: 16.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "The college wife "

Callie Jadiel, an 18yr old girl who studies at Runshaw college, Leyland,is asked to marry Rafael Declan,the young handsome billionaire who is arrogant and cold-hearted.
Callie has many unfulfilled dreams and believes that she can only achieve them of she is allowed to study in college and at the higher institution. But will her dreams be fulfilled when she gets married to the arrogant billionaire?
Read and find out!

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Marilyn Calderon 20.04.2021, 23:41:27

please update thank you

Tina Ogabu 18.04.2021, 02:06:55

Hello readers of "The College Wife" .I'm deeply sorry for the unusual delay with updating the story. I'm perfectly fine, just that I misplaced my phone and I haven't been able to update my story, thankfully,it has been found and I'll try updating it this week, probably on Wednesday.
Thanks for your concern once again.

Katam Munisravani 17.04.2021, 14:57:23

please update soon

Ada Nnaji 17.04.2021, 10:41:56

I hope you are okay?

Harshita Baid 17.04.2021, 09:31:32

if you can't update then pls tell us when shall we expect it.

Beautiful princess 17.04.2021, 08:48:35

Update plz

Katam Munisravani 17.04.2021, 05:00:00

why was not updating

Thatgawkydaydreamer 16.04.2021, 09:59:39

hey author I hope you're doing fine!
it's really unusual that you haven't updated the book

Ada Nnaji 15.04.2021, 10:08:19

We haven’t had an update from you in days which is unusual. I hope you are okay?

Gs 15.04.2021, 10:00:59

hi dear no updates. hope u r fine pls update soon

Olori Ogunaike 15.04.2021, 09:26:30

please update soon

Beautiful princess 15.04.2021, 05:30:25

Please update author

Harshita Baid 14.04.2021, 05:48:59

are you OK author, pls update as soon as possible.

Olori Ogunaike 13.04.2021, 22:35:43

please update soon

Mosbin 13.04.2021, 02:51:04

pls update

Harshita Baid 11.04.2021, 08:04:42

plz update soon eagerly waiting...

Patience Boniface 10.04.2021, 09:15:11

nice update

Mosbin 08.04.2021, 22:14:13

next plzzz

Ada Nnaji 07.04.2021, 02:24:56

I don’t just like this story, I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. If like will unlock the next chapter, how many chapters will love unlock? Lol,lol,lol.

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Tina Ogabu 08.04.2021, 15:37:47

Comment has been deleted

Mia Khan 07.04.2021, 01:53:50

it's just slowly turn sour......,:(

Mosbin 07.04.2021, 01:27:54

Awwn. More chapters

Beautiful princess 06.04.2021, 16:33:42

Nice... waiting for next

Patience Boniface 06.04.2021, 09:55:52

nice update

Patience Boniface 05.04.2021, 19:14:18


Beautiful princess 05.04.2021, 12:44:33

Update plzzzzz!!

Richa Rai 05.04.2021, 05:57:57

Update plz!!!

Mosbin 04.04.2021, 18:27:07

pls update more chapters

Beautiful princess 03.04.2021, 06:34:37

Can u update one more chapter plzzz ..!

Harshita Baid 02.04.2021, 18:57:33

pls update soon dear, eagerly waiting for your update.

Beautiful princess 02.04.2021, 17:26:51

Please update.... cant wait to read the next chapter

Mosbin 02.04.2021, 16:49:54

Comment has been deleted

Beautiful princess 02.04.2021, 08:19:49

Update plzzz

Ada Nnaji 02.04.2021, 02:14:58

Thank you so much for the regular updates and the triple update today, I truly appreciate it and you. This story is amazing and I love it so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Mia Khan 01.04.2021, 16:48:05

surely someone's is spike his wife drink n he have not feel weird about with serial unpleasant beforehand really,??? Im not big fan of hotshot clueless.

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Mia Khan 01.04.2021, 22:38:01

Harshita Baid, you got that right .

Beautiful princess 01.04.2021, 14:43:44

Nice update

Patience Boniface 01.04.2021, 14:31:17

nice update

Ada Nnaji 01.04.2021, 12:12:54

I loved the update, very interesting chapter.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Beautiful princess 01.04.2021, 08:58:21

Such an interesting story! .. really loved it!.. cant wait for more chapters to read ... please update sooon author

Harshita Baid 30.03.2021, 17:56:04

thank you very much for double update, pls give us more such surprises.

Mavis Yeboah 30.03.2021, 12:59:37

Nice update

Mavis Yeboah 30.03.2021, 01:20:57

Ohhhh why the short update

Patience Boniface 27.03.2021, 10:45:56

good job

Harshita Baid 27.03.2021, 04:47:09

it felt that update ended so soon, wanting to read more, the story is really interesting, pls update soon....

Mavis Yeboah 27.03.2021, 04:44:40

The one who couldn't love but now in love this book will be interesting.

Harshita Baid 26.03.2021, 09:41:09

pls update dear author

Terrie Patten Patten 25.03.2021, 09:10:37

great st great twist and turns another story real written. well well-written

Harshita Baid 24.03.2021, 04:57:24

such a lovely update, waiting for more, pls update soon and long updates plssss...

Ella Emmons 23.03.2021, 20:09:45

please update

Mavis Yeboah 23.03.2021, 14:20:24

This marriage is going to be fun.

Safa chaieb 16.03.2021, 23:41:18

good start, I will be waiting for your update

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Ella Emmons 23.03.2021, 08:28:45

Zoey Dake, me too! waiting for an update...

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