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The Curse for Falling In Love with a Witch

J Proud

Story about:first love, witches and magic, romance betrayal secrets

12 87

#1104 in Fantasy
#3670 in Romance

On Hold: 14 Apr 2 pages

Publication: 14.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Curse for Falling In Love with a Witch"

The story of how Nolan Jake Priestley a human who fall with Farrah Claire Silvius a witch love despite being warned that a curse could end both of them. Will Nolan fight for his love and rescue Farrah from his wretched destiny of becoming the most terrifying witch that they’ll ever face? Will Nolan choose the right path for the sake of his love for Farrah?
Nolan after graduating from high school going back to his family’s hometown where he lived when he was young. He met some of his friend childhood friends Joshua, David, Maegan and Phoebe. One night after hanging out with his friends he saw a girl drenched in the rain. He walked towards her, but when he was about to cross the street he suddenly collapsed. But before he fully close his eyes he saw a charming face but why does he felt sad?


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Beautiful princess
15.04.2021, 05:02:00

Update plz

Beautiful princess
14.04.2021, 20:08:19

Nice !

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