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The Curse of the Multiverse: Gone in the G-World

Tanya Koles

Story about:alternate world, action scifi, gay marriage

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#15 in Science fiction
#70 in LGBT

Ongoing: 12 Aug 46 pages

Publication: 01.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Curse of the Multiverse: Gone in the G-World"

A fatal car crash sends Katherine and Michael, two high school sweethearts, into an alternate dimension of the multiverse. The world that looks and feels so familiar is governed by a different set of rules. Men and women are two different races that are not supposed to mix, and procreation is possible through an expensive technological process.
While navigating their lives in the G-World, Katherine and Michael must deal with their changed families and friendships, fight the child-trafficking conspiracy, and figure out the way to return to their original world.

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Antonina Drobitko
08.07.2022, 03:41:03

This is quite an unusual story. Makes me think what if this happened to me? Wow! More chapters please!

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