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The Curse Of Three!

Director West.

Story about:adventure, magic, evil

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#337 in Mystery
#794 in Fantasy

Complete 146 pages

Publication: 21.03.2019 — 11.04.2019

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Description of book "The Curse Of Three!"

Follow the series of the thrilling adventures of the Wickinson brothers, who encounter a curse from their father that separates them with their witch abilities. But later one of the brothers, gets caught in a temptation of lifting the curse with acceptance of any consequences ahead of him! But the problem is, it wasn't really a curse. But a gift that was a curse to the villain hunting their family. Will the brothers be able to stop the villain after the curse has been lifted, and they get access to their magic!?

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Brian Downtown 20.04.2019, 21:58:52


Andrew Nobriga 04.04.2019, 20:54:17

nice cover but i liked more the previous one

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Director West. 05.04.2019, 11:11:37

Paris Nobriga, Done!

Tim Lawson 03.04.2019, 15:38:47

hope you´ll update soon

Drew 27.03.2019, 13:30:05

like it

Douglass Millsap 26.03.2019, 12:52:22

love this kind of stories

Andrew Acton 25.03.2019, 12:16:37

truly cool

Peter Andrews 24.03.2019, 17:25:09

thanks for the update:)

Peter Andrews 23.03.2019, 14:39:37

it is a nice story, hope you'll update more frequently

Clayton Terrel 22.03.2019, 11:45:41

cool, keep it up

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Director West. 22.03.2019, 12:40:21

Clayton Terrel, Thanks.

Mark Pearson 21.03.2019, 12:58:17

so much promising

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Director West. 22.03.2019, 08:14:50

Mark Pearson, Am Vian Valerian, by the way!

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