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The Daughter of Mr. President

Keitumetse Kgaabi

Story about:romance between two girls

Age restriction: 18+

9 23

#163 in LGBT
#188 in Inspiration romance

On Hold: 12 Mar 13 pages

Publication: 12.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Daughter of Mr. President"

Two political parties led by old close friends that are now sworn enemies. Hell-break when the two families learn that their daughters commit homosexuality. Who are you to judge? let love be without dissimulation, Romans 12:9. What kind of a father would take her daughter’s rights away and what kind of a father would hate his own daughter if she were gay??? (Dear Mr.President by Pink). Mr. President violated the rights of the citizens and stole from them. What does the first lady have to say about all this? (Dear Mr.President by Pink). Do with the two parties' leaders imprisoned justice bury poverty. The first woman President exceeds.


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