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The Day I Met Striker

Marian Meciar

Story about:family, rivalry, enemytolovers

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Publication: 23.12.2020 — ...

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'What do you really want from me?' I whisper. He lifts his head from the crook of my neck, his eyes a stormy puddle of confusion.

'What I've always wanted, Verona." He pauses, then adds slowly, 'You.'

'But Striker-' I lock eyes with him. "I'm already yours."
Verona Bridon only has one goal in life since her mom's death: protect her brother at all costs. Moving in with their aunt they lost contact with, they begin a new life. In a small town like Metford, Verona is confident she'll be able to watch over him properly. But just because a town is small, doesn't mean there isn't trouble lurking about. Enrolling into Skye-West turns out badly when Noah accidentally becomes involved in the school leaders business.

Striker Cunningham is not one to let go of things easily- even with

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