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Ongoing: 15 Feb 40 pages

Publication: 20.01.2021 — ...
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Luna the last princess of fallen demon empire is brought into human kingdom when she is just a baby, the duke of the country adopts her and brings her up just like a human child, but as she grows up she finds herself different from other kids of her age, She slowly finds out about her origin and the culprit behind her Empire’s fall, but what will she do when there is a human whom she had given her heart to along the way. Will she be able to let go of her people and live her life like a human so she can stay by his side forever ? Or will she chose to leave him and take over her kingdom again to trample over the petty humans.

Read the fantasy romance of a demon princess who tries to build up her empire while trying to hold onto the human boy whom she has fallen in love with....

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Abriana Lastra 30.01.2021, 20:01:38

I loved the first chapter! Baby Luna is so adorable and I wanted to hug her and pinch her cheeks like Elise. :(( The poor baby is too innocent to have to go through this

Can't wait to read the rest of this! Please don't stop writing

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Bstallion 30.01.2021, 20:05:06

Abriana Lastra, Thank you for praising it, I will surely continue updating the story.

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