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The Desert Star

Charles Eagan

Story about:a deal with the devil to obtain love.

Age restriction: 18+

13 25

#720 in Romantic suspense
#326 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 31 Mar 49 pages

Publication: 27.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Desert Star"

What would you do if you were presented with the ultimate object of your desire? There's never
a simple, straight-forward path to obtain it. This novel explores the desperation of one character
'Russel' and his unthinkable solution to make a deal with the Devil to obtain 'Rachael', his ultimate object of desire. His journey will take him into the unknown realms of darkness and through desolate deserts.
"The price will be high and I should warn you it is a dangerous request,” Shaherzad the demon explained.
His obsession will plow forward regardless of the collateral damage he will cause which includes leading Rachael's sister 'Faith' into an eloborate web of evil spun by a lesbian sexual predator.
'How far would you go to get the girl?'


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