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The diary of a broken girl


Story about:abuse, finding happiness

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they call me Aileen some call me broken some say I'm dumb because I'm soft-spoken I love my parents no matter how bad it gets I'm not going to be sad so yes I have a bad life no one cares I don't know what I think is going to happen no prince is going to love me and give tokens because I'm a broken girl and this is my world.

they call me miles yes I have money but I make it all myself but my mom gets sick a lot she needs a lot of help I go to school hang out with my friend nick but something is missing and I don't know what it is.

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Jennylien Viesbal 30.08.2020, 01:39:40

next ud plssss

Jacqueline Guilbeau 18.08.2020, 10:28:04

so glad your back really enjoyed this chapter cant wait for update

Jacqueline Guilbeau 08.08.2020, 23:10:32

you are very talented please keep updating

Davinder Kumar 06.08.2020, 14:13:10

Complete it fast please

Davinder Kumar 06.08.2020, 14:13:07

Complete it fast please

Leah Collins 29.07.2020, 04:20:54

Aww...That was too bad I really enjoyed the story.

The last comment in the thread:

morganthewriter 29.07.2020, 05:30:08

Lakshmibala Menon, lol I'm sorry school is coming up so I need a little break but I will finish the book I promise it might take me a while but it will get done xoxo

carly muasya 25.07.2020, 08:37:42


Izzy 22.07.2020, 14:26:39


Geetanjali Sachdeva 19.07.2020, 09:48:04

Beautiful poem.

Нилуфар Абдуллаева 18.07.2020, 14:23:42

amazing poem! I love it write soon

Faiza Tahir 18.07.2020, 14:17:58


Luna 18.07.2020, 14:03:32

Great poems, luv. I hope Ail somehow confesses what she feels to anyone.

Geetanjali Sachdeva 14.07.2020, 14:15:37

Go ahead

Ananya Sudevan 14.07.2020, 11:12:13

I am really exited to know more. Plssss write it

Faiza Tahir 14.07.2020, 10:42:24

nice idea

Geetanjali Sachdeva 14.07.2020, 05:19:38

She is finally standing up for herself. Perfect

Geetanjali Sachdeva 11.07.2020, 20:04:49

I know it's a diary of a broken girl but make her the most strongest girl ever and kill that damn name of a father

31cce4c321665106 10.07.2020, 16:21:36

I hope she finally talks to Miles. He is already suspicious and could help.
I also hope her mother seeks help.
women do not stay in relationships that are abusive. this is what happens to our little girls

Luna 10.07.2020, 07:58:21

God, Ail seems so broken. I hoped she'd somehow go with her mom (╥_╥)

Нилуфар Абдуллаева 09.07.2020, 18:24:07

OMG I already addicted it I can't wait next update please

Lakshmi kashyap 08.07.2020, 09:11:12

Update soon.... Its really amazing story....

31cce4c321665106 07.07.2020, 14:46:28

Miles did the right thing. when you are advantaged hold your head high but don't walk over people, it disgusting.
next update? story is great

The last comment in the thread:

morganthewriter 07.07.2020, 21:58:12

31cce4c321665106, i might update today idk yet

Avadhi Gangwal 07.07.2020, 11:48:38

please update it soon... waiting for it eagerly

snowflake gacha snow 07.07.2020, 05:32:29

so she and her mom would have pale skin and white hair?
cuz u can't just have purple eyes for no reason or is there something I'm missing?

The last comment in the thread:

morganthewriter 07.07.2020, 10:35:03

snowflake gacha snow, well lol, my book is kinda different they have purple eyes but not pale skin weird right? i know lol

Rushka Stha 06.07.2020, 06:06:56


The life of Ade my daily activities 05.07.2020, 23:47:12

Comment has been deleted

31cce4c321665106 05.07.2020, 19:28:54

this is so disheartening and embarrassing. thank you for raising such issues of society. I hope the friends realise sooner to help her.
kindly punctuate this story properly. it's really a great one

Dora_the_explorer 05.07.2020, 14:26:57

i feel bad for the poor girl

31cce4c321665106 04.07.2020, 14:12:37

this is an awesome story. oh goodness.please update soon. longing for Aileen to get out of this situation

Donna Poorai 01.07.2020, 20:32:26

i will give it a 8 out of 10

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