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the diary of an ordinary girl


Story about:rebel, truth, peace

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These short stories are all about the lost self and truth, that we lost sometimes accidentally or by the dint of our own follies. Those who are lost, will never find themselves outside. Rather, they have to search inside. Also in truth and rebellion from the shackles of the materialistic society. The shackles of materialism are engulfing man to an unprecedented level. Man has to find peace because peace will never find man. One who can find oneself can also find peace.

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nirmal talukder 03.05.2019, 17:23:00


Anis Ndayisaba 02.05.2019, 18:36:31

Well told. Every good person wonders about the issues of the world today that you addressed so beautifully in this text. I am looking forward to the continuation of your work. Well done!

Natalia Abram 09.03.2019, 13:36:03

very pessimistic thoughts

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